Mobile vs Console Gaming: Who Wins?

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If you’re wondering who takes the lead out of mobile gaming and console gaming, you’re not alone. With the statistics constantly shifting with the introduction of new software, apps, consoles, and games, it’s been a bumpy ride to follow. The growth and evolution of mobile gaming, in particular, has been exponential in recent years. But has it done enough to overthrow the more traditional modes of gaming such as through a console or a PC?

The short answer is yes. Thanks to new developments, mobile gaming is now bigger than both the console gaming industry and the PC gaming industry combined. The success has allowed mobile gaming to reach yet another milestone.

We’ll run you through the relatively short history of mobile gaming and how it came to outshine the console.

The Humble Beginning of Mobile Gaming

Mobile games were around on even the earliest mobile phones. Yet, no one paid them all too much attention until Nokia first launched the iconic game Snake back in 1997. The first phone that the addictive game featured on was the Nokia 6610. Whilst, you don’t get to hear all too much about Snake in 2019, the game is still the most famous mobile game in the world. Over 400 million copies have been sold since 1997. The game may now be on its eighth version, but the classic still remains the most favored of all. The simplicity of the black pixels wiggling around on the plane green background is enough to take most people back with waves of nostalgia.

Whilst everyone came to love Snake, it soon became evident that for mobile games to truly kick off, there needed to be a way to purchase the games, and not just play the games which were pre-installed on your phone. Yet, remember this was a time before widely available Wi-Fi and not all devices were built to connect to the internet.

So, the next step was to create WAP games or Wireless Application Protocol Games which finally gave mobile users access to the internet. By the very late 90s, a micro-browser had been built after the Open Mobile Alliance banded together to ensure standardization of service in Europe. The web browser allowed a transfer of data to your phone. There were very few of the experiences which we now enjoy on the internet. I know it’s hard to imagine a time before YouTube or Facebook. WAP essentially became an ecosystem which allowed developers to thrive via the sales of their games to willing mobile players. The games were still kept fairly simple back then, yet, it wasn’t long until the multiplayer games started to emerge such as Connect Four and Noughts and Crosses.

In early 2007, Steve Jobs transformed our mobile gaming experiences with the introduction of the first iPhone, and just one year later we saw the first ever android phone which was unveiled by the Open Handset Alliance. The Open Handset Alliance had Google on their side when they created their first ever flagship phone the HTC Dream.

Fast forward ten years and the technology is evolving at a rapid pace. The industry has even made enough of an impact to appeal to PC and console games to throw away their keyboards and controllers and just enjoy some palm-sized action instead.

Many smartphones now come with powerful enough processors and RAM to withstand even the most fast-paced games and support 4k imaging – the latest new feature in the gaming industry. With the smartphone’s ability to match the aesthetics and the pace, it really is no wonder why so many gamers are switching to mobile gaming instead of traditional console gaming when you consider the cost of games consoles, games, and any subscriptions required to support your gaming. Mobile games tend to be highly affordable with the majority of them being free to play.

Cut to 2019, along with the more mobile-born games such as Candy Crush, Monster Busters, Subway Surfers and mobile card games, there are even adaptations of console-based video games. Some of the top console games which you can now play on a smartphone or a tablet include Grand Theft Auto, Sonic the Hedgehog, Crazy Taxi, plus many more. Yet, what console games always failed to do, was to allow players to play for real cash prizes. Therefore, a myriad of talented minds behind online slot machines set to work to optimize their games not only for the PC but for Apple and Android too.

There are hundreds of different online casino games which are taking advantage of the 21st-century generation smartphone’s capability to handle high-resolution gaming. Now after the rapid rise of cryptocurrencies, we are observing an immense evolution in bitcoin casino online gambling.

According to Newzoo, 2019 will see mobile gaming generating more revenue than all other types of gaming – console, PC, etc – combined.

There are even plenty of ways to play your favorite video game-themed slot with games such as Aliens, Tomb Raider and Hitman. Yet there are plenty of other themes to explore including film themes, fantasy themes, action themes, or just simply cute and cuddly themes. Whilst traditional slot machines didn’t give players a varied experience, the online slot machines give the players anywhere up to 300 different ways to play depending on the game you are playing. With the ability to place bets from as little as 2p, players can have hours of fun, even on the smallest of budgets. When you compare the amount of money you spend for the amount of time you are playing the game, console gaming can actually work out a lot more expensive than if you were to place low stake bets on an online casino! Considering that games developers have blurred the lines between video games and mobile gambling sites, you get the high-intensity graphics which you came to love from the console, with the bonus of being able to win the generous jackpots!

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