Nature Is not Healing. Why Is Pollution still a Huge Problem?

Nature Is not Healing. Why Is Pollution still a Huge Problem? 3

Environmental pollution is a menace affecting every living being on the Earth. Whether it is air, water, or land pollution, the impact is massive. Whenever a substance is added to the environment faster than it is being recycled, decomposed, burnt, diluted, or kept in a safer form, pollution occurs. Pollution of all types, including light, noise, or plastic, cannot be underestimated. It can negatively affect the surroundings and ruin the lives of plants, animals, and people. There is an annoying thing about pollution. It doesn’t end despite dedicated efforts to finish it. Why does it remain a big problem today?

Sloppy Human Behavior

As you look for something to excite you during the Coronavirus pandemic, including the Sizzling Hot slot online, remember to throw your trash in the dustbin. People have a typical behavior of discarding their waste anywhere they feel like. Even when the dustbins are all over, some people can’t throw their trash inside. No matter where you go on earth, you will notice that people behave this way.

Some waste products are not designed to decay. If improperly discarded, they will remain there and fill the environmental space for nothing. An excellent example of this kind of rubbish is plastic materials and rubber stuff like tires. Some things we leave behind should be shredded and either damaged or recycled. If humans keep being sloppy and careless when handling their trash, pollution levels will keep on swelling.


There is severe poverty in third world countries. The World Health Organization estimates that 97 percent of cities in less developed countries don’t meet the minimum air quality levels. Many people in such places die of a disease triggered by breathing in polluted air. In these countries, people cannot afford to cook with electricity, the cleanest fuel. Some cannot even afford gas, which is a good alternative. They use kerosene and charcoal, and both powers are environmental pollutants.

Another cause of land pollution in low-income countries is poor garbage handling. Instead of disposing of all household waste where it can be damaged or recycled, some are discarded outdoors. Tons of litter left outdoors will not only stink and alter the beauty of the surroundings. It will also allow an infestation of pests like rats and flies, which could trigger diseases. If governments in developing countries don’t deal with poverty, pollution will not go away.

Inappropriate and Irresponsible Handling of Industrial Waste and Sewage

The leading cause of water pollution is raw sewage and industrial waste. This type of waste being dumped in rivers is common in developing nations. Research shows that eighty percent of the wastewater produced in these countries is discarded in local water bodies like rivers. It is evident in New Delhi, India, where almost a hundred percent of dirty water is dumped in the Yamuna River. Those who end up fetching water from such rivers end up consuming many germs, which could cause illnesses. In some places in Asia, most rivers and lakes are polluted beyond redemption. In slum areas, freely flowing raw sewage is a common sight.

Until humans make a conscious effort to dispose of industrial waste and manage their sewer lines correctly, the pollution of rivers in cities will continue. Pollution of water is so severe that it is now affecting the expansive oceans. Studies show that sixty to eighty percent of ocean pollution emanates from land. The litter reaches the sea via dirty beaches, harbors, and already polluted streams. Trash such as plastic bottles, fishing tackle, metal objects, military stuff, and all manner of things can be found on the ocean floor. Pollution will not go anywhere if we keep dumping industrial chemicals and sewage in our water bodies.

Although the world is a prominent place, we should preserve it to protect future generations. Let us all make an effort to reduce environmental degradation by avoiding pollution whenever we can.

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