Top 5 New iGaming Platforms Rated In 2021

Technology can only make iGaming better - and more complex

As the world of iGaming goes from strength to strength, the standard of sites and platforms offering games to players the world over is also rapidly increasing.

From sites specializing in card games to those with a slots bent, players are learning that the best places to gamble online are truly exciting sites. Going into 2021, there is a big expectation among many players that gaming companies will get bigger and better.

In this article, we will offer a guide to the top 5 new iGaming platforms rated in 2021. From household names to newbies, the variety here is as deep as it is wide!

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the first iGaming platform on our list of the top 5 new iGaming platforms rated in 2021.

Virgin Games

One of the top names in the world of online iGaming, Virgin Games is a household name that guarantees quality, security, and variety in its offerings. Packed with all manner of amazing casino games, Virgin Games is fast becoming the place to be for new iGaming fun!

Bonuses at Virgin Games are among the finest to be found anywhere online, whilst players will be delighted to hear that the sheer range of deposit options at this casino site makes adding funds to your account easier than ever.

Mr Q

Renowned across the iGaming world as a premium choice, Mr Q casino is listed by comparison portals such as as one of the top places to play anywhere.

Packed with quality games from the best suppliers on the planet, Mr Q is also home to some seriously exciting bonuses and a wealth of options when it comes to choosing exactly which game you want to enjoy at any given time!


Another popular choice in 2021 is BetVictor, a highly secure site trusted by millions of gamers each and every year. Known for its slick design and amazing bonus offer including a stellar welcome bonus, BetVictor remains in the very highest echelons of online gaming platforms.

From casino games such as poker and slots to other exciting offerings, the range at BetVictor is partly what makes this such a popular site. There truly is something for everyone here!


Trustworthy, high-quality offerings are the name of the game at 888, where everything from bingo to slots to blackjack is on offer to players across the planet. With top bonuses, amazing deposit options, and what has to go down as one of the best-designed sites in the world, 88 is fast becoming one of the top-rated gaming platforms to enjoy in 2021.


Long renowned as one of the finest places to enjoy online gambling of practically any kind, Bet365 has only gotten stronger in recent times as players from across the world look to enjoy card games, slots, and much more online.

With amazing bonus offers including a top welcome bonus in addition to plenty of deposit options and a slick design, Bet365 remains one of the top iGaming options going into 2021.

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