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NordVPN tops the best VPN for the year 2020 list (again!), and we don’t doubt why it shouldn’t be. Yes! Even after the security breach that occurred last year, NordVPN, hands down, is the best VPN out there and at such a bargain price (don’t get me started on that).

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If your mind is still going back and forth about whether the NordVPN is worth getting, here is a precise NordVPN review to help you make a decision.

2 Minutes NordVPN Review

Short on time? Here is everything you need to know about NordVPN in a nutshell.

  • NordVPN is compatible with streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video.
  • It uses advanced encryption techniques as well as some extra measures to provide the best security and privacy.
  • NordVPN holds the claims for being the fastest VPN true.
  • NordVPN bypasses the tough geo-blocks as well (including China’s).


Security is perhaps one of the most important features of a VPN. After all – that’s what we’re after. Safe, encrypted, and secure communications where no one can spy on us, and we’re free to explore the Internet – that’s exactly what NordVPN offers.

NordVPN uses several secure encryption algorithms (I won’t dive into the technicalities here), and authentication mechanisms to secure your communications. These are pretty important in this day and age – also a critical feature to judge the VPN you’re going to choose. Luckily, Nord doesn’t compromise on these important aspects!

Now there are loads of other security features implemented by Nord, e.g. the perfect forward secrecy (unique sessions), IPSec (secure internet packets), and more. I’ll keep these out of our discussion for now, but there are two main features I’d like to discuss in detail – double VPN and the kill switch.

Double VPN

Usually, VPNs would route your internet traffic through their web servers. This adds a layer of security, and it’s enough to scratch the tip of the surface – but isn’t the most effective. Nord goes one step further and routes your traffic through two servers at the same time.

This makes your communications secure and the digital footprints negligible through NordVPN. Though there’s a caveat here – you might probably be facing lower speeds because of that. It’s no rocket science – since your internet packets bounce off of several servers, it’s going to take more time to come back to you.

I wouldn’t utilize this feature if I was going to stream or browse the web. This feature is for people who’d like to go an extra mile to make sure there’s no one snooping on them.

Kill Switch

The Kill Switch is something you wouldn’t really want, but it’s a must-have and NordVPN provides it. Let’s say your connection via the VPN drops – you know what’s going to happen? Your traffic is going to be re-routed through your ISP; this is the default mechanism to use the Internet.

Doesn’t that sound insecure? Luckily, the Kill Switch allows you to shut off internet communication if anything like that happens instantly. Your traffic will be blocked until the connection via the VPN is up – that’s my personal favorite security feature in NordVPN!

By default, the setting is disabled on desktops. Though it’s enabled on their android applications if you’re going to use those, though it isn’t hard to enable it – simple head to your settings and toggle the Kill Switch on – et voila!

Lastly, let’s say you don’t wish to block all your traffic, but only traffic from a specific application. You can control this feature for some applications as well, where risky applications and their connections are broken, and the rest continues as is.


When it comes to speed, NordVPN has the fastest and most reliable speed to offer at a market competitive price. Most of the VPNs start acting up when connected to a distant server, but not with the Nord VPN. It holds up to its “fastest” claims quite true even when connected to New Zealand and France servers.

However, for the best results, try sticking to the closest server first. And, if you have some problem with that, then switch to a distant one. Anyways, if you are on the lookout for a secure yet fast connection throughout the globe (even oceans across), NordVPN is your guy!


There’s a misconception among people – privacy and security are considered the same, yet are two different concepts. You must be thinking you are safest with the security encryptions. However, some of your browsing activity and personal information might be exposed. But, with NordVPN, there is nothing to worry about.

NordVPN’s headquarters are located in Panama. As Panama doesn’t have any data retention laws and it steers clear of Fourteen Eyes Surveillance, which makes NordVPN quite safe and privacy-friendly.

Ads and Logs, Does NordVPN take care of that?

As much as ads are annoying, they are also capable of doing harm to your system and personal data. Ads can lead to phishing scams, trackers and even online profiling. Therefore, it is important to take care of ads and VPNs are quite active to cater to that.

Talking about the NordVPN, it offers CyberSec Suite that provides ad-blocking along with malware protection. When tested for a whole day, no ads were experienced even on torrenting sites (a hub for ads) and Youtube.

As NordVPN is located in a privacy friendly location, it provides a no-logs policy that actually works. That means it doesn’t use or collect any data from your connection. Therefore, you are safe from anyone identifying you.

How to get started with NordVPN?

Getting started with NordVPN is quite easy and simple with its 3-step process. Firstly, you need to browse to website and select your payment plan according to the preference. Once you are done selecting, you’ll be asked to create an account and enter your billing details.

After that, follow the steps below to go through the setup process:

  1. Select the drive you want to install the NordVPN on. Make sure that drive has almost 19 MB free space available.
  2. Next, select where you want your NordVPN shortcuts. The options include desktop, start menu, or both. Click the install button after selecting it.
  3. The installation will take a few minutes. And once it is completed, that’s all you need to do. You are good to use your NordVPN for secure browsing and streaming.

Quick Video Tutorial

Why should you get NordVPN?

  • The Biggest Pool of Servers – NordVPN has the biggest count of servers spread across the globe to give you the best possible service. We are talking about 5200 servers in 62 countries to be precise. This wide community of servers aids the reliability of the product. Moreover, the NordVPN selects the suitable server automatically based on your location, loads, and other preferences.
  • Secure Connections – Even though the last breach for NordVPN must have given you the second thought, NordVPN has still proved to secure the data with the most robust encryption available. It uses the AES-256, 4096-bit RSA key, via OpenVPN Protocol for encryption, that is considered the most secure VPN protocol. Be it Government surveillance or censorship, then NordVPN will do it all for you!
  • Fast Speed – One of the concerns with almost all the VPNs out there is the speed loss. However, NordVPN has relatively fast speed among its competitors, i.e., only 32% speed loss. There were no interruptions or sudden dips experienced when it was put to speed tests.  Do bear in mind, that the speed of the VPNs is also dependent on local infrastructure, location as well as the provider.
  • Works with Netflix – To be honest, Netflix is like a stubborn kid when it comes to VPNs accessing the service, all because of the tough geo-blocks. But, NordVPN bypasses the geo-blocks with its special feature SmartPlay while not compromising on security at all.  NordVPN offers fast, lag-free, and high-quality streaming, whether you are connecting with the server nearby or oceans across. Not only Netflix, but it also outperforms with other reputable streaming services such as Hulu, HBO GO, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, and many more.



Is NordVPN trustworthy?

With the latest security encryption mechanisms, NordVPN is one of the most reliable and trustworthy VPN out there.

Is NordVPN really private?

NordVPN allows the P2P connection on almost all its servers. Therefore, it is safe to say that NordVPN is private. Moreover, NordVPN doesn’t have any history of leaking its user’s data.

What does NordVPN actually do?

Nord VPN secures internet traffic by applying robust encryptions between the user’s device and a remote server. With the help of IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN protocol, NordVPN protects the sensitive data as well as unblocks the geo-blocks.

Why is NordVPN good?

NordVPN is good for many reasons, including the biggest server park, reliable speed, efficient customer support, and live chat, and not to forget the affordable price. It is the best value for money VPN out there.

How many device connections does NordVPN offer?

NordVPN allows six simultaneous connections. You can connect NordVPN to tablets, laptops, computers, phones, or any other device in which the Nord VPN app is downloadable.

Is NordVPN worth the price?

Totally! Starting with just $3.49 per month, NordVPN is the real bargain. Considering the perks, we get such as six simultaneous connections, 24/7 live chat, easy to use interface, compatibility with streaming websites and much more, the $3.49 (three-year contract) price tag is totally worth it. Also, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee, in case you don’t like NordVPN.

Final Verdict

NordVPN has been awarded the “best VPN of the year” for the second time, and this should be enough to make a statement. However, if you still want to dig deep and have a final verdict on NordVPN review from my side, here you go. It is a high-speed and secure VPN, it has servers that are spread all over the globe, it can unblock anything on the internet, including streaming services, and not to forget it is affordable as well.

Try NordVPN

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