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Have you ever wondered if you could use your Android apps on your PC or Mac? Got some favorite games that you would love to play on a bigger screen? With the Nox Player Android Emulator, it’s easy to do, and it’s completely free.

How to Download Nox Player

This is pretty simple to do.

  1. Go to the download page of the Nox Player to your computer.
  2. Go to your downloads folder and click the Nox file.
  3. The installation will begin – agree to the terms and conditions and then click on Install.Nox Player - Android Emulator App 3
  4. Choose whether you want online (quick) or offline (slower) installation.
  5. Wait for the Nox Player icon to load on your desktop – the installation has finished.

How to Use Nox Player

This is easy enough too, but you need a little patience:

  1. Click the Nox Player icon to open it and wait while it sets up – this can take several minutes
  2. When the home screen loads, there are some preinstalled app icons – choose Google Play Store
  3. Input your existing Google details or set up a new account
  4. Finish the set up by following the instructions on the screen or skip this step
  5. Some new options will now appear on the right side of the home screen, including installing APK files, transferring files, and many more

Nox Player Features

Nox offers all these cool features

  • Fast gameplay – Nox prides itself on being fast and smooth, offering loads of performance options you can customize, right down to deciding the number of CPUs and the RAM you want to be allocated
  • Controller Compatibility – Nox player is compatible with most third-party controllers and offers a much easier gameplay experience
  • Emulates your device – including your phone number, device model, IMEI number, and many other device-specific options
  • Root Access – you can access your computer files straight away as Nox Player is rooted out of the box

Nox Player FAQs

Here are the common Nox Player questions answered:

What is Nox Player?

It is one of the best Android emulators available today, and it is free. You can play all your favorite Android games using your computer RAM, screen, Storage, processors, and all the other resources your computer offers, giving you a much better gaming experience.

How Safe is Nox Player?

Perfectly safe. All the biggest antimalware and antivirus software platforms tested the app and found it 100% safe to use, and it’s legal.

Is Nox PlayerFree?

Yes. Nox Player is completely free to use.

How Good is Nox Player Compared to BlueStacks?

Both are very good emulators, and both do what you want them to do, but Nox is that little bit better:

  • Although BlueStacks is the largest available Android emulator, it has slowed down recently, thanks to an update. Nox Player, on the other hand, is incredibly fast with great performance.
  • It is far easier to root Nox than BlueStacks.
  • Benchmark tests showed BlueStacks scoring high, but you get faster and better performance from Nox Player – it is a lighter emulator and uses fewer system resources. And it is the best player for compatibility issues.

How do I Add a Game Controller to Nox?

  1. Connect your computer and controller using the correct cable
  2. Wait for the Controller icon to show at the top of the Nox screen – the connection is successful.
  3. Tap on the icon, and the Settings opens.
  4. Change what you need to change and save your changes.
  5. Your controller can now be used.

I get an Error 1020/1008 – Virtual Machine Failed to Start – How do I fix it?

  1. Turn off your computer and restart it
  2. Shut your firewall and antivirus down – don’t forget to enable them again afterward
  3. Right-click on the Nox Player icon
  4. A menu opens, choose Open File Location
  5. Click Nox and the Nox file folder appears
  6. Click on the folder called noxvm
  7. Right-click on NOXVM and click on Run as Administrator
  8. That should resolve the error

How do I Fix Error 1005 – Outdated Graphics Card?

  1. Select Multiplayer and then click on Rendering
  2. Choose DX or OpenGL
  3. Restart Nox Player and try it again
  4. If the error persists, update the graphics card drivers
  5. If it still doesn’t work, your graphics card isn’t compatible and will need replacing to use Nox Player

And Error 1006 – Nox Needs to Reboot – How Do I Fix That?

This error tells you that you are running an old version of the Nox Player. Head to the Nox download website and download the latest version. If the error still appears, follow the guide above to change the rendering mode, and that should fix it.

Try Nox Player today; take advantage of your computer resources and enjoy all your favorite Android apps and games on your PC or Mac.

Nox Player Alternatives

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Nox Player comes in handy when you want to install the unofficial app stores on your PC.


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