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Recruitment is perhaps one of the most tedious operations of all for a business. Finding the right talent from the pool of employees, understanding if their behavioral aspects align with the organization, and ensuring their retention once they are hired is a pretty tough job.

This year’s pandemic only made the situation more difficult for many. However, there were still many who had this process streamlined and made onboarding employees hassle-free. Even with the employees who are working remotely.

The secret? Finding evolving solutions for evolving needs.

HR leaders are now adopting digital tools to make their onboarding experience more seamless and exciting. There are also many other new strategies that more and more HRs are now picking up to make sure their new hires have a memorable experience. You can read about all the new trends below. 

Keep the experience personalized

When you keep the experience of your employee personalized, the chances of them staying with the company increases along with their productivity.

The personalized experience will help you make the entire process seamless, help your employees learn new information about the organization and their role in a much-enhanced manner.

One of the tools that will help you achieve this is online meeting software. With this tool, you can make sure your employees are able to connect with your organization in a much better way. You can host a team meeting followed by introducing the new hires to the leading individuals of the organization.

You can also make use of this tool to deliver training videos for employees. It will help them in better retention of knowledge and help you observe the body language of the employee. 

Make L&D a core part of the organization

Learning and Development is the most important deciding factor when it comes to staying with the organization.

The moment an employee feels their growth is not being focused upon at all, the chances of them resigning from their post only increases.

The main purpose of onboarding is to train new hires enough that they are able to bring their best to the workplace from the very first day. When you spend weeks and months on making your employees ready for their performance at the job, they are being a lot less productive than they are capable of.

Hence, make sure you introduce L&D to your learning modules and thus, the onboarding experience.

Initiate onboarding experience before the new hire enters the office

Recruitment is a challenging process when it comes to ensuring the retention of employees. Many have come across situations where after a thorough screening process, negotiations, and offer letters being accepted, the candidate backs out. This can lead to a sink in costs and also disrupt the overall efficiency.

Thus, it is important that you extend your onboarding experience beyond the office area. Make sure you hear out the candidate’s issues, what they are thinking, and what solutions you can offer them in return.

Preboarding is perhaps one of the most common onboarding strategies that companies across the globe are now adopting. 

Inspire collaboration

Collaboration makes sure that your new hires are engaging with the current employees. When you make sure that your new recruits are working with their teams from day one, it will help in enhancing the onboarding experience substantially.

You can host various innovating activities such as quizzes, problem-solving, and others to introduce collaboration in your onboarding experience. This is perhaps one of the best ways to help your new hires create bonds from the day they join your organization.


Ensuring that the new hires are enjoying a wonderful experience is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the role of HR. When your new hires are happy, they tend to develop long-term relationships with the organization. Thus, you should always keep up with the trends when it comes to onboarding new employees.


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