Outbyte PC Repair: Securing Your Computer’s Privacy in a Few Clicks 

When it comes to cybersecurity, you’ve probably heard about malware & viruses and implemented the proper safety measures. But how often do you audit your computer’s safety in terms of privacy?

The unfortunate truth is that even programs that may be viewed as ‘trustworthy’ could be impacting your privacy in a negative manner.  They can track your physical location, gain access to your emails and browsing history, capture your voice command recordings, and more.  Do you really want someone to know so much about you? There is also the possibility of the data being sold to third parties so you should always prioritize your privacy settings on any device you use.

With the help of programs such as Outbyte software, you can manage this aspect of modern technology much easier. Here’s how.

Outbyte PC Repair: Introducing the Software

Outbyte PC Repair can be used for a range of computer maintenance tasks. You can use the program to access tools such as scanning your PC, removing apps or junk files,  and improving the performance and your battery life. Privacy is also an important aspect of the Outbyte tool that can help its users protect their personal data.

The Outbyte PC Repair can be downloaded straight from the Outbyte website and installs easily. You control how it helps you maintain your computer, such as doing daily scans. There are many permission settings that will govern its activities and you can pick them according to your preferences.

In the Power Tools menu, you’ll find the Privacy tool, which is described in more detail below.

Privacy Power Tool

The Outbyte tool can be used to manage different aspects related to privacy such as web browsing, personal data collection, and permanent removal of confidential files. You can apply the settings you select at any time by hitting the ‘Apply’ button.

Here’s what the different features offer you:

Managing Data Transmission via Apps

You may not be aware of how much of your data gets collected when you use your Windows PC. If you didn’t check the permission settings and Outbyte PC Repair isn’t keeping a lookout, your system may be sourcing information such as usage and performance data on how the device and its related software is working.

Users can prevent this information from leaking by toggling the “Stop apps from collecting & transmitting personal data” button and allowing this Power tool feature to work on a continual basis.

Regular browser cleanup

One of the main ways you’re putting yourself at risk is by unknowingly sharing your online activities’ details. Companies can use cookies to view your online history and behavior. If you’re concerned about websites tracking your online activities you may want to clear cookies or have them removed by Outbyte PC Repair on a regular basis. The tool can do this automatically and efficiently once “Run daily cleanup of browser history & tracking cookies” option is enabled.

Permanently erase confidential files

If you’re deleting files you don’t want anyone to have access to, this is the option for you. Outbyte allows users to permanently remove files from their hard drive and prevent their recovery. This can come in handy when, for example, selling your PC as the new owner won’t be able to recover the files you deleted.

Browse the Web in a Safe Way

PC users can’t always identify potentially dangerous sites themselves as those can be using different tactics to mask their true nature. Outbyte PC Repair can act as a scout and warn you if you’re accessing a website you should rather avoid based on data from Web of Trust. The safe web search feature can detect untrustworthy websites along with domains that have adult and violent content. This makes the tool especially useful for families with children.

Detect Popups

Outbyte can detect popups and help you manage the permissions you give to their sources with the “Enable detection of popup subscription from websites” option switched on. You will be able to only activate the popups related to programs and websites you want to get notifications from and remove the rest.


Technology is supposed to be a benefit to modern society, but in truth, it only is when it’s used correctly. If not, individuals and businesses open themselves up to potentially harmful situations. Luckily, there’re programs that can assist in helping you manage these dangers.

Outbyte PC Repair can help you secure your privacy both online and offline and customize your privacy settings according to your needs. The tool also shares links to insightful online articles that will educate you on the topic of privacy and empower you to use technology to your benefit.


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