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Operating a business and growing it is quite challenging if you do not have the right automation tool. In this techno-savvy world, social media is indispensable for any entrepreneur who wants to run a successful business.

Many businesses across the globe have embraced social media for their marketing campaigns. Online platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn have made business management processes so much easier.

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms that you can use to showcase your business. This is a platform where you get to meet several entrepreneurs conveniently. However, running a LinkedIn marketing campaign is not an easy undertaking. Getting traffic, leads, and converting leads into sales is the hardest part.

To succeed, you need to build strong connections. Fortunately, the process of expanding your network, driving sales, and generating revenue through LinkedIn is now easier thanks to an automation tool known as ProspectIn. Here is everything you need to know about ProspectIn.

ProspectIn | Linkedin Marketing Automation Software

Why Use ProspectIn?

ProspectIn makes it easier to boost your business performance by driving traffic to your brand. The main reasons you should try ProspectIn include:

  1. Simplicity

With ProspectIn, LinkedIn handling is easier. You can access a wide variety of resources like Auto Visit, Bulk Message, and Bulk Connect from the same interface. This enables you to conveniently multi-task on the platform.

  1. Saves Time

The manual prospecting process is quite laborious and time-consuming. However, with the ProspectIn tool, you can do a lot in a very short time. This automation software enables you to generate hundreds of leads in 15 minutes a day. The more leads you generate, the more possible sales you are likely to get.

  1. Reliable

The ProspectIn tool simulates human behavior. This means you can set daily maximum usage, and your account will remain within the limits set by LinkedIn. Therefore, you do not need to be glued to your computer or phone screen to perform basic tasks.

  1. Affordability

Pricing is one of the attractive features of this tool. ProspectIn comes with different plans, which means there is something for everyone. For example, there is a free plan which costs you nothing but comes with limited features.

There is also the pro, advanced, and enterprise plans ranging between 9 and 100 dollars. You can begin with the free plan to familiarize yourself with the tool and determine the application’s effectiveness before subscribing to a plan based on your specific needs.

  1. Customer Support

ProspectIn offers round the clock customer support. The tool understands the growing needs of customers and is available 24/7 to resolve different issues. This makes it easy for you to use the tool, knowing that a helping hand is within reach.

  1. Lead Generation

With ProspectIn, you do not have to spend time on monotonous tasks. This tool automates these repetitive tasks leading to improved lead generation. This spares you time to deal with other important marketing tasks.

What Are The Features of ProspectIn?

ProspectIn is one of the most valuable resources as a LinkedIn automation tool. Users can conveniently expand their network and attain a massive volume of sales. You can share your related content to get the best results in a matter of minutes.

One of the striking things about this tool is that it employs CRM for performing different actions. Users can export prospects into the tool from a LinkedIn search request. Here are some of the other unique features of ProspectIn.

  1. Bulk Connect

Getting a massive following on LinkedIn is not easy. However, with this tool, you can now connect to a large number of people. This tool makes it simple to connect with different people at the same time.

  1. Auto Visit

The Auto Visit option helps entrepreneurs improve traffic to their site. Visitors will find your account easy to navigate, and this increases the chances of getting more followers.

  1. Personalized Bulk Messages

This feature allows you to send many messages at once to different users. You can make the same message and send it to different people at the same time.

  1. Auto Follow

ProspectIn makes it easier to follow back all the accounts that follow you. This improves your chances of connectivity.

  1. Targeting Management

This tool is also capable of adapting to any business. You can use this tool for targeting management. This means you can use different campaigns based on your list of prospects and begin targeting those eligible for a particular message.

You can target the right people with the right message. This helps improve the lead generation for your business on LinkedIn.

  1. Dashboard Visualizations

With this tool, users can track different activities regularly. You can track statistics from unlimited campaigns and find the extracts that are best suited for you. You will be able to see your daily activities and determine which messages are the most effective.

  1. Daily Automation

You can easily automate your daily routine on LinkedIn. This frees you to perform other marketing tasks.

  1. Multi-Account Management

It isn’t easy to handle multiple LinkedIn accounts manually. ProspectIn makes it easier to manage different accounts simultaneously.

  1. Trigger Function

ProspectIn’s trigger functionality comes with advanced and enterprise plans. This feature allows you to trigger an action based on a specific event and pre-determined conditions. You also can replicate a trigger with the duplicate functionality.

For example, if you want to identify the authors of posts with several hashtags, you can create a trigger for the first hashtag and duplicate it for the other hashtags. You can also pause triggers when you do not want to use them or restart them when you need them. The trigger function improves the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

  1. Security

ProspectIn ensures the safety of your LinkedIn account. Your data is secured, and you can be assured of assessing information without any technical issues. Furthermore, this tool enhances your LinkedIn account’s reputation in a way that lowers the chances of suspension risks or account banning.

How To Get Started With ProspectIn

To get started, log in to the ProspectIn website and choose a plan. Remember each plan has unique features. For example, the advanced plan has the market automation feature, which the free plan does not have. The enterprise plan has the most features.

After choosing a plan that suits you, the next step is to select a template from a large selection of templates. The templates have been customized for different markets, value propositions, and goals. When you have chosen the most suitable template, proceed to create a message, add conditions, and adjust the delay time. Finally, you can begin engaging with prospects after sending the messages.


Using LinkedIn to run your marketing campaigns and boost your following and sales is not easy. However, thanks to tools such as ProspectIn, lead generation on LinkedIn has never been so simple. The tool has a convenient interface allowing you to keep an eye on all activities and manage multiple accounts.

Features such as dashboard visualization, daily automation, auto-follow, and targeting management enable you to run your campaigns by merely pressing a button. When it comes to pricing, this tool is flexible and has a package for everyone.

You can start with the free tool to get a feel of how the software works before moving to the paid subscriptions. This is the perfect application for effective LinkedIn campaigns that will give you an edge over your competitors.


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