Best Putlocker Alternatives In 2020

Putlocker was among the most famous websites pulled down by the law enforcement agencies in this decade. Launched in 2011, within 2 years it grew to 250 most visited websites around the world.

Due to the user demand, several Putlocker alternatives surfaced providing free movie streaming to the users. So far, it cannot be confirmed which website is the actual alternative to Putlocker.

Our editorial team reviewed around 50 different websites that are of the same niche and offering similar content. Among those, here the best sites like Putlocker that lets you watch movies online for free.

Author's Note
There is a fair chance that websites like Putlocker have malware or other viruses in them. Most importantly, your privacy is certainly at risk. So, make sure to follow our privacy guide while visiting these websites.

  • We don’t encourage you to use illegal sites to download the copyrighted material.
  • This site ranking is fully independent and I neither have any affiliations with any of the below-listed websites.

With no further wait, these are the,

Safe & Legal Putlockers Alternatives

We have curated the best movie download sites for you. These websites are legal and provide you with free movies with no-strings-attached.

Movie Site NameWebsite URL
YIFY Movies
1337x Movies
Web Archive Movies
EMOL Movies
Public Domain Torrents

Best Working Alternatives to Putlocker in 2020

We followed certain criteria to finalize the list from all the websites. It includes content quality, ease of navigation, advertisements, registration-wall, and website security.


123Movies is one of the most popular movie download sites and is the most effective alternate of Putlocker. Most likely, everyone has heard about this website as it is being used by millions of people. This platform is free of cost and no signup or creating an account is required by the user. The website has a clean interface and is easy to use. It has an extensive database which is liked by all. alternate of Putlocker

The website comprises of relatively fewer numbers of advertisements as compared to the other websites that stream movies. It has a genre list based upon which you can select the movie that you desire. You can also select a movie/TV series through the Top IMDb section which includes the top and trusted movie reviews of IMDb. The categories sections are well organized which makes it easier for the viewer to search the content they need.

Official Website


There are very fewer chances that you may have not heard about FMovies as it has been on the internet for a very long-time providing millions of streaming content to their users. It is an outstanding and the most effective alternative to Putlocker. It has an extensive database that allows users to go through the vast categories and movies or TV shows list. The platform doesn’t require the user to log in or create an account to continue using the streaming services.

One of the main features of the website is its huge search bar that allows you to search for your desired movie or TV series titles which is directed towards the video playback player without any distractions like pop-up advertisements.

alternative to putlocker

The navigation bar present on top of the website allows you to choose your desired selection of either movie, TV shows, categories, list according to the alphabetical order, and many more. There are so many genres for the viewers to enjoy a Fmovies updates the database from time to time. You can expect them to update the newly released movies on to their websites which might be in camera print in the beginning but as soon as the high definition playback video is released, they upload that too.

As the website does not charge their users to access a huge library of streaming content, you might run into some ads on the platform which won’t annoy you as much as some other websites do.

Official Website


SolarMovie is one of the most underrated free movie streaming platforms out there. Its sleek modern design makes it so much better for its viewers. SolarMovie has an outstanding collection of movies in which the viewer can go through the most trending movie on the website and the highest rating movies too. Although it is free to use and does not require the user to create an account if they do make an account, they will be able to create their own list of favorite movies, make requests, and several other benefits.

We are also allowed to browse movies by choosing the country, for example, you can watch Asian, Indian, Korean, and many more All these significances makes it easier for us to explore the wide range of movies. Recently it has gained a lot of fame due to its simple design and function of easy browsing.

This site offers viewers to watch their favorite movies in high definition. It features sorting options that let you filter titles by genre, country of production, and their IMDb rank, helping you find your desired movies. The website runs smoothly and has a clean interface. The movie page contains the synopsis along with IMDb info. The website is free of tons of distractions that cover up your screen.

Official Website


Gomovies has been considered one of the largest streaming platforms over the internet for a long time. People who have been watching movies for free online will be familiar with it. It has a good reputation for high quality latest movies with genuine subtitles too. They also consider keeping the user safe along with great content.

It has a large category of movies and TV shows that might influence the viewer’s interest. Furthermore, the website has backup mirror links in case the first one crashes. Gomovies uploads the latest movie in-camera print as soon as it is released but with time, it updates the movie with better and high definition quality. The content on the website is arranged neatly making it easier for the viewer to look for his need. However, keeping aside the benefits, viewers are annoyed by the numerous ads that are displayed when you visit the website.

Another important update that made this platform to be liked more was its night-mode. When it is switched on, the website switches its bright-color theme to a dark-color theme which makes it a better environment for late nighters. It does not require you to log in or create an account. You can continue streaming your favorite movies without paying a penny.

Official Website


Moonline is an amazing site to watch free movies. It is an alternate site for Putlocker. You can search your desired movies under different categories on the website very easily as it has a sleek and aesthetic design that is easy to use. You can filter your search under different criteria as per your requirement. The website has almost all the commonly used genres like horror, animation, action, sci-fi, and many more selections. These genres are filled with movies that their users would love to watch and enjoy.
The movie playback quality is high definition and subtitles in different languages are available too which acts as a plus point to make users happy during their visit on this website. No signup is required by the user to continue watching movies for free but there is an option to create an account that gives the users a few more benefits other than streaming for free like making requests and making a list of your movies.

There are special features available on this site like the Replay Video Capture, where you can capture and convert the movies which have already been streamed. This website works perfectly on computer systems as well as mobile phones.

Official Website


Popcornflix is said to be one of the alternatives to Putlocker. Popcornflix is a platform where you can enjoy streaming your favorite movies for free. It has been operative for a reasonable time and is considered efficient enough to be an alternate of Putlocker. Mostly, it has old, classical, and a few latest movies only.

The sole reason for this platform is to give its viewers a contentful time when they visit their website. The interface of the website is also clean, simple, and easy to use. Viewers can access their choice of movies with excellent video quality. Most of the movies and TV shows have subtitles too. However, they have minor problems like subtitle playback delay.

They have a catalogue of movies that you would like to go through if you don’t have a movie to watch in your mind. So, if you plan on watching movies from the 1900s or the early 2000s, this is the site you should visit as it has the best ones like Roman Holiday(1953) and Black Death(2010).

Official Website


This website is popular to be the alternative to Putlocker. You can find the most recent movies on this website and it can also be downloaded for free. The user is not required to sign-up or create an account to continue using these privileges. The streaming platform is amazing as the categorization is on point. Without any hassle, you can reach the page of your desired movie and enjoy streaming it. The video playback quality is perfect, and subtitles are available too. Unscripted TV series and music recordings are also available on this free online streaming site.

As compared to the advertisements on other websites, 5movies have relatively fewer numbers of pop-up ads which makes it one of the best Putlocker alternatives. This website runs smoothly on computer systems and can also be downloaded on your Android system as a mobile application.

Official Website


Cmovies has a lot of features for movie streaming which makes it best Putlocker replacement. It has less promotion and pop-up advertisements which ruin a person’s mood while watching a movie or TV show. It has a perfect interface and has an efficiency of a premium streaming site.

This platform has a huge library of amazing quality content. The categorization comprises of genres, country, Top IMDb, and TV series. It is an underrated website for movie streaming and might gain more fame soon.

alternate for putlocker

The design of the website is not pretty much unique, and the homepage is kind of packed up with too many movies that makes it harder for a user to go through. However, when it comes to streaming, the website has a perfect quality of video playback which is liked by most of its users, subtitles are available, and that too in different languages like, Persian, English, Hindi, and many more.

The platform has 2-4 mirror links in case the main link doesn’t work or crashes. This makes it much easier for users to choose a link that works perfectly for them on the same website instead of looking for another platform.

Official Website

Popcorn Time

Popcorn time is a popular site for streaming movies and TV shows. It can be compared to premium sites like Netflix and Prime Video, but the only difference is that you don’t even have to pay a penny. The site also allows its users to download their favorite movies for free. It offers a very large library of content. alternate for putlocker

The only issue users face on this platform is that the movies and series are the ones that are not popular. Its interface is user friendly, clean, and easy to use. It is one of the sites like Putlocker and doesn’t require any subscription. You can download the application on your computer system as well as your mobile phones because it is compatible with iOS and Android systems.

Official Website


Prime Wire is one of the sites like Putlocker. To watch movies and TV shows, you do have to create a free account, but the procedure is simple. As soon as you are done with signing up, you can start streaming your desired content. This signup allows you to keep a record of the movies you have watched and given access to sort movies as per your choice. The platform also benefits the user by having an option to watch the trailer of the movie before you start streaming the film.

alternate for putlocker

The streaming qualities are great too as it offers three of them which are low medium and high graphics. The design of the website is outdated which makes the users less interested to stream their desired movies and TV shows but if we talk about the content available, the library of this platform a wide collection of movies and TV shows to their users. These facts make it a worthy alternative to Putlockers.

Official Website

Los Movies

This is one of the sites like Putlocker that allows you to stream its content for free. Los Movie has a huge library of content comprising of a 2000-pages long catalogue of movies and TV shows. The website allows you to search for your desired movie in an easy way. The movies present on this platform have subtitles with excellent video quality to enhance the user’s interest.

Los movies alternate for putlocker

Unfortunately, the deal-breaker on this site is its pop-up advertisements which make the user’s life a living hell. Furthermore, the advertisements, promotions, and redirects of this website lead to suspicious websites because of which the users do not feel safe enough to visit their websites. A viewer should install an ad-blocker before he visits this site so that he can somewhat protect himself from malicious activities.

Official Website

Yes Movies

Yesmovies is more of a permanent replacement of Putlocker as the website’s elegant look and designs give a positive impression towards the users. It has a sleek, clean, and easy to use interface. The website’s simple red and black design looks amazing. Prominently featured tab is available for the users. An extensive list of genre sorting options is present as well. Almost all the Streams are available in HD. Yesmovies offers a large collection of movies that you can watch without signing up.

It is a prominent alternative to Putlocker for users to watch films and TV Series online in HD. It is a modern website that allows you to watch movies and TV shows. On this website, you can search the movie name numerically or alphabetically. The only problem with the website is that you get unwanted advertisements while watching movies.

Official Website

WatchTVSeries Online

If you like watching TV shows more than movies and were using Putlocker to stream your favorite series for free, then watchTVseries is the best alternative to Putlockers. IT has almost every popular TV shoe from different famous channels like CBS, FX, AMC, BBC, HBO, ABC, FOX, and many more. They also upload the latest released Web series of Netflix.

The interface of this platform is clean and easy to use. The episodes in a season of every series have been properly organized which makes it easier for the viewer to watch them in their proper sequence. There are different categories for the comfort of the users to choose the shows they desire.

The streaming services of this platform is amazing as the user does not have any problems accessing the episodes. If you can’t find the TV series on other sites, you’ll find it on WatchTVseries.

Official Website


AZMovies is a remarkable alternative to Putlocker. The design of the site is smooth and aesthetic. All the movies uploaded on this platform are in HD quality. The site offers almost 20 links for the user to stream his desired content through. If the smoothness and speed of the site user interface are at the top of your selection criteria, AZMovies is the best one. The quality of streams you get is significantly better than anywhere else. AZMovies is also low on ads, as well.

It has a large library of movie content ranging from the year 1948 all the way up to 2020. You can also surf on AZMovies for movies through the wide range of genres provided.

AZMovies’s interface might not be that good but it is clean and easy to use for the user to watch their content on it. Furthermore, it’s a great place for movie lovers.

Official Website


Streamdor is one of the classical streaming websites. Although, it is worth it to include it in your list. This site does not contain any latest movies as it offers movies that are from the past decades. It hosts most of its links from YouTube creating a comfortable and smoother environment for the viewer but copyrights issues for itself. Streamdor’s database does not contain any of the latest movies, it is more of a feature than a problem.

It has all your favorite classics. It has smoother streaming with YouTube hosting and an efficient sorting and search system. It contains all the evergreen movies from the past.

Official Website

Putlocker FAQs

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker was a top online streaming website that provides a wide variety of movies hosted by various third-party content providers, for free. It started in 2011 and its popularity increased. However, it has now been taken down and is no more available due to digital piracy and copyright claims.

Where can I watch free movies online?

Movies and TV shows can be watched on various online streaming websites. Most of these websites are free and are easily available. All you need is a PC device or a mobile phone with a stable internet connection.

Is it safe and legal to use Putlocker?

Fundamentally, Putlocker is not legal as it hosts copyrighted content. However, using a premium-quality VPN to protect your privacy and location that helps you escape Geo-blocks assigned by your government, university, or workplace, which stops you from accessing content on streaming platforms. It hides your old location and assigns you a new IP address.

Is Putlocker legal in the US?

There’s no risk for people using Putlockers just for the sake of streaming online movies for free. However, downloading a particular movie may sometimes result in copyright claims.

Is Putlocker legal in Australia?

Yes, Putlocker is currently legal in Australia. You can stream a movie online through Putlocker without any legal consequences. However, downloading movies is illegal.

Will a VPN protect me when using Putlocker?

Yes, to watch movies on Putlocker without having to worry about copyright infringement notice, it is recommended to use a virtual private network (VPN).

Apart from protecting your privacy from unauthorized third parties, a VPN also allows you to access content that may otherwise be impossible to access in your country.

What kind of movies can I watch on Putlocker sites?

You can watch all kinds of movies on the Putlocker sites for free. From recent releases to classics, these sites host all kinds of genres. Along with movies, a wide range of TV shows can also be accessed.

What can I use instead of Putlocker?

There are many alternatives available for Putlocker. There are several other online streaming sites on which you can view movies and TV shows for free like Fmovies, 123movies, Gomovies, etc. Apart from online sites, various apps are also available for streaming movies.

Are these Putlocker alternatives safe?

Most of these alternatives are currently safe. But all of these free streaming sites come up with a lot of pop-ups and advertisements. These could be dangerous and could release your private information or infect your devices with viruses. This is why it is important to use a reliable VPN source before visiting these free websites.

Is it legal to use free streaming sites?

This depends on the area that you are currently living in. Most of the countries have made it illegal to stream copyrighted content for free. However, most of the websites offer content that is currently legal to stream.

What should I look for and what should I avoid in a streaming site?

Illicit movie-streaming sites are a serious threat to your privacy, hence it is important to be sure that the website you’re using for streaming is legit. If there are way too many ads and pop-ups, it is possible that the site is most likely illegal. As they get revenue each time a user clicks on these ads.

These sites make it difficult to find a link to a movie that actually works. Each time you click on a link, it redirects you to another page with more links to the movie. These options may lead to unauthorized third-party pages and leak your private information. On the other hand, legal and safe websites have nothing to hide. You should be able to easily find their contact information on the bottom of their page. Legitimate movies either have permission to show the movies or fall under the public domain.


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