The Journey of Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege just had its fifth birthday in the first of December 2019, with the game still breaking records and is consistently one of the most played & viewed games in the world, we need to study how this happened.

The Origin

Tom Clancy’s was originally one of the best selling novelists in the world, the franchise of “Rainbow” began with a novel called Rainbow Six, which was then adapted to become the franchise of FPS games that we play to watch and play.

The first game of the Rainbow Six franchise was Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, which was released in 1998, back then in the 1990s the video games market was starting to become oversaturated and especially in the first-person shooter type of games, but the first R6 game was different, the game had some sort of deep strategy, tactics and its graphics were so realistic, the game made a very good mix of good graphics, depth of play, smart strategies, and the gameplay mechanic itself, which made it become one of the top FPS games of the last decade, but it had one major issue which is that it wasn’t multiplayer, it was a single-player with & vs AI type of games, so they decided to improve that later on.

After the success of Tom Clancy’s first game, they decided to make a sequel, which was released in 1999 with the name of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.

Rogue Spear wasn’t very different when it comes to the gameplay and graphics, however, it introduced the ability to play on multiplayer, which made it even bigger than the first edition and it also gave the players the ability to create custom maps and that lead to even further exposure in the gaming market.

Breaking through Consoles.

At the beginning of this decade, consoles were pretty big, and a game that is exclusive to PC would be missing a lot from the consoles market, so Rainbow Six decided to break in and enter the console market, they released their third version of the game which was called Rainbow Six 3, the game went to Xbox Live which gave it an extra push due to the social aspect of the Xbox Live, having a friend list to chat with, playing multiplayer with online players, and it only got better from there.

Just like they did when they saw the first Rainbow Six succeeding, they decided to make another sequel for Rainbow Six 3, which became known as Rainbow Six: Black Arrow, after the success of the Xbox Live platform and the R6 game on it, they decided to push it further and try to snowball their success even more. They introduced new multiplayer maps and new single-player campaigns, missions and improved communication and features that would allow players to be able to play together faster, easier and quicker using the Clan feature, which now is pretty common for any online game, but back then it was something on consoles.

Multiplayer over Single-Player

Rainbow Six was getting big exposure and is consistently becoming bigger and bigger, however, it wasn’t due to the singleplayer aspects of the game, it was the multiplayer, and how it made communication between players easier, so it had to keep going into the multiplayer direction and abandon the single-player, that’s when Rainbow Six: Lockdown became online, in 2005. They made some new features for multiplayer, but they still didn’t completely abandon the single-player aspects, players could still level up their characters, obtain new items and become stronger by leveling up, but it was apparent that this was the beginning of the end for the single-player Rainbow Six player.

A Breaking Point & Decline

Like any other game or in fact person, life is not going to consistently give Rainbow Six only good, at some point it will stop and the bad things should come. In 2006 Rainbow Six released its sixth edition- Critical Hour – This edition was the waking up point for Rainbow Six, it was full of bugs, uninteresting gameplay, removing the core aspects that made Rainbow Six good, to begin with. It was deemed as a total failure by everyone; developers, players, reviewers, critics, everything said this game was a total failure and R6 developers accepted it.

The Redemption Arc

After the miserable failure of R6’s Critical Hour, the developers had to accept that failure, and improve upon it. That’s when Rainbow Six really started to become the Rainbow Six we know about today, The Rainbow Six: Vegas was released, it refined the gameplay aspects of Rainbow Six, fix all the issues with the Critical Hour, and try to listen to their community and do what players would love, this version of Rainbow Six was one of the biggest reasons we have Rainbow Six Siege today, the success of R6 Vegas-inspired another edition and release of Vegas, which became known as R6 Vegas 2, it added some new features, improved the multiplayer aspect and overall maintained the overall core and stability of the game.

Coming back after 7 Years

The phenomenal Rainbow Six Siege was finally released in 2015, 7 years after the last version of Rainbow Six was. And it was worth the wait, the game featured a totally different game, updated mechanics, new tactics, strategies, maps, and everything.

The game mechanics, maps and strategies were very good but still, it wasn’t the time for R6 to break through and become one of the biggest games yet, since Ubisoft had their main focus on their most popular game at that time, which was Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Even though it wasn’t popular back then in 2016, Rainbow Six Siege introduced their competitive professional league into the Esports scene, which quickly became one of the most beautifully produced leagues in the esports scene, so casual players started to see the competitive aspect of the game, and some of the players started putting a huge effort into the game to improve in Rainbow Six Siege and to enter the competitive scene of R6.

Finally Breaking Through

In December 2017, Rainbow Six Siege finally broke through and became one of the most played games on steam, with a huge spike in its player base and numbers, since the game was becoming the FOTM it lead to the introduction of many new players, new streamers. As always, new players and new streamers will always lead to the inevitable Rainbow Six Siege Boosting services.

After peaking in 2017, the game was still not done yet, its players base peaked again in 2018, and not only its players base that increased, the total number of hours streamed and watched on the most popular streaming platform in the world skyrocketed and by the end of 2018 it became one of the most-watched 12 games in the world!

Can it Keep Going?

Even after the huge success the game had in 2018, it hit even a further ceiling and Ubisoft confirmed officially that the number of players in 2019 surpassed the number of players in 2019, and it is still one of the top viewed games on Twitch.

In 2019 Rainbow Six Siege became so big that it was hard for such a game to become even bigger, but it’s definitely not impossible with the new changes that Ubisoft announced for the upcoming year and season we could definitely see the possibility of reaching a new height and becoming even bigger in 2020.


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