4 Best Tips To Stay Safe While Gaming Online

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As the title of this article suggests, can gamer be a target of hackers? Well, it certainly can be. Continuing our topic on online gaming related hacking attacks, we are here to discuss a slightly different topic than expected. While our main focus remains targeted on games, gadgets, and computer-related setups, we want to direct your attention to something else. While online gambling isn’t considered a sport, we are aware that it is a part of the virtual universe and Internet-based theft aims at it, too.

Online gaming is a great way to engage in a gambling experience without leaving the comfort of your home and this comes close to playing any online game competitively. While the second requires more skill than luck with the first one based mainly on chance, both of those share one common vulnerability. Experienced hackers don’t really care if you are an established gamer or a profitable gambler – all they are after is your hard-earned funds, and the work-platform in both cases is the same – the Internet itself.

In differentiation with gaming, online gambling follows a straight line of development. You can easily change game titles to enhance at but the outcome will be way more beneficial if you have the needed experience already. This in mind, online gambling accounts are a better target for hackers as they don’t really need to check your proficiency status before attempting a hack attack. And while most eligible gamers know not to use the same digital information (email/virtual nickname) to create accounts in ranging games, online gamblers tend to stick to the tactic of One-Suits-All. This interferes with responsible gaming policies because it exposes them to more possible threats. Be it a plain account theft, a malware interaction between the hacker and the victim, or a more serious case of blackmail and a monopoly over a player’s funds, gambling hacking is a serious issue and should be treated as such.

Just in case you’re looking to follow trustworthy and best online casino websites, designed to track and find the safest places to conduct gambling. CasinoPedia, for example, is a dedicated site that follows online gaming action from start to finish. They evaluate the safety state of every platform and grant players with an adequate environment to develop their gambling career. All sites there are SSL-encrypted and serve as pillars against high-level hacking attempts. While profits are all up to you, keeping them safe is their job, and we support them in their attempt to keep the online gaming field clear of such inconveniences!

Here are a few good tips which you can use to avoid some of the most common attacks.


The best way to avoid a malware attack is to make sure you have a good anti-malware program installed on your PC and/or mobile device. You don’t really need to spend money, either. You can use free programs or if you’re Windows 10 user then Windows Defender always enabled and let this protect you from most common malware attacks.


In a phishing attack, the attacker tries to fetch your credentials through trickery. Since these attacks are mostly carried out with fake emails, you must be careful while checking the emails. If an email has a link and head over you to log in, you should be suspicious and avoid proceeding with such emails.

Public Wi-Fi

It’s always recommended to avoid public Wi-Fi as much as you can since you’re not sure how this can bring troubles for you. In case, if that’s not an option, then you should at least use a secure link or a VPN.

Password Cracking

Brute force is one of most common technique attackers use these days to gain access to your account, this uses a trial-and-error method by feeding an exhaustive list of passwords a hope that one will eventually work.

Final Words

I recommend you to be very much aware that there is a target on your back while you’re surfing online. Whether it’s common or powerful magic items, your personal information, or the credit in your accounts, you have something attackers want.

If you already have a career in gaming, then I would suggest that you do not give up on it because I have noticed a lot of people doing that. Sure, you can keep the gaming part of it there as well. Once you think you have achieved the same lucrative outcome from professional gaming, you can go full time. The tips we share here should help you to avoid the most common attacks and keep gaming online.


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