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It’s always been “been there, done that” moment when it comes to spending hours on finding a website for your favorite movie streaming and TV shows. And, in that desperate searching process, you must have come across a popular movie download website SolarMovie. But, sorry to pop your bubble, it is not a legit website, and therefore we have made the best free Solarmovie Alternatives 2021 (safe and legal) list for you.

What is SolarMovie? And why is it not the best choice?

It is a well-known streaming website that gained popularity in the last few years. The reason it got so much attention is that it’s free and easy to access (no signup or subscription).

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Even Though it streams a wide range of movies of almost every genre, there are few things that you should be careful of before hopping on to such websites. Firstly, SolarMovie pops up tons of ads that can eventually cause harm to your personal data and laptop. And, secondly, it is not legal to stream free movies on such sites. If caught by your internet service provider, you might be prone to some fine.

Free Sites Like Solarmovie (MUST USE ADBLOCKER)

Movie Site NameWebsite URL
YIFY Movies
1337x Movies
Web Archive Movies
EMOL Movies
Public Domain Torrents

Legal Alternatives To Solarmovie

Best Free Solarmovie Alternatives

If you are tired of ads popping up every second in between your shows and want a free and legal way to watch movies, look no further. Here are the best solar movie replacements, that are ad-free as well as authentic:


Crackle is Sony’s 100% free streaming service for the longest time now. For now, it is available in America and Australia only. Being a no-cost option, Sony Crackle doesn’t have a vast collection of movies and TV shows. However, you get some of the best ones such as Happy Endings, Shaun of the Dead, and Point Break.

Like all the low to no cost streaming services, Crackle is also ad-supported. You can get ads in between as well as standard commercial breaks too, yeah! That’s a bummer!

Official Website

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is not like standard streaming services. What makes it different is that you can access 250+ TV channels along with 1000s of on-demand TV shows and movies for free, such a treat no? It is providing its services in America, Austria, United Kingdom, Europe, and Canada (limited content).

Pluto TV is not ad-free (obviously!). You can experience ads lasting 2-3 minutes to 10-15 seconds; there is no proper count.

Official Website

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the best free Solarmovie alternatives in many ways, it is entirely free, and it features a wide range of movies from thrillers to sci-fi and anime. You have to register on Tubi tv through a sign-up. However, the service is absolutely subscription and credit card entry free.

Tubi TV is fully ad-supported and also doesn’t provide any premium plan to go ad-free. The ads can pop-up before or during the content. But, the good news here is that the ads are relatively shorter.

Official Website

Plex TV

Plex TV is among the best free site like solarmovie but in a better way. It allows you to make your own collection, watch live TV and stream movies from different platforms, all for free. However, Plex TV requires signup before you start streaming.

The basic plan for Plex TV is absolutely free, but it is ad-supported. If you want to go premium and have no commercials, you have to pay for it. CBS, FOX, NBC, Univision are some of the TV channels available on Plex TV. 

Official Website

Roku Channel

Roku came up with its own free channel, named as The Roku Channel. It is a free (but ad-supported) registration streaming service that provides access to movies, sports, news and much more. It also gives you the option to subscribe to premium channels such as HBO, Showtime, Epix, and others.

The movie availability and channel selection may vary depending on your geographical location.

Official Website


Some of you must not be interested in buying or registering for service as a whole, and Vudu is here to listen to all your demands. Vudu, Walmart’s streaming service, allows you to pay only for what you watch (no monthly subscription). On top of that, Vudu also has a wide range of free content, so it’s your lucky day if you find your favourite show for free.

Not to forget, the free content will be interrupted by commercials, get ready for that. Anyways, Rent, own, or watch for free, just with a sign-up on Vudu’s website.

Official Website


IMDb TV is a USA based instant streaming service; all you have to do is visit the app or website and start enjoying your favorites right away. Unfortunately, it’s not an ad-free zone, you’ll be experiencing commercials now and then and you can’t skip those as well.

You can find some of the top-rated TV shows such as Breaking Bad and Planet Earth. Also, there are other movies for almost every age group.

Official Website


Another not-so-surprisingly website is YouTube. You must not be aware that there are many movies available on YouTube, that you can stream for absolutely free (no account sign up or subscription). However, one thing you need to bear on YouTube is ads.

Some of the best movies available on YouTube include Into the Blue, The Escort, Mad Money, Better Off Dead and many more.

Official Website


iFlix is the younger sister to Netflix, but free with no account sign up hassle. It is a true alternative to solar movie in many ways, such as there is no mandatory requirement to sign up with the credentials and the streaming is absolutely free.

The content on iFlix includes the latest movies, interesting TV shows, and also some region-based specials. iFlix is currently available in Pakistan, Maldives, Malaysia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Srilanka, Brunei, Vietnam, Philippines, and Cambodia.

Official Website

CBS All Access

Starting with just $5.99 per month, CBS All Access is an America-based streaming website owned by CBS Interactive. It offers the following perks: Live TV Streaming, on demands videos, and the CBS originals as well.

Apart from America, it also serves in Australia and Canada as for now. Moreover, CBS All Access has two options, Limited Commercial and Commercial Free plan.

Official Website

If you are looking for a “no signup, no subscription” option, then this one is definitely for you! is a free streaming service that hosts HD Movies and TV Shows along with health, food, comedy, lifestyle, and traveling content that is updated on a daily basis.

There is no need to sign up for, head over to the website, and enjoy instant streaming in no time.

Official Website


Now you can watch movies and TV shows from different streaming such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime through Yidio for free. It has a wholesome list of free content, that is only an account registration away. The non-premium version of Yidio is not ad-free, though the commercials are short and pleasant.

Official Website

Premium Sites With Free Trials
  • Netflix: Netflix is the ultimate streaming service like no other out there. It offers the free trial version for a month and afterward, you get to choose among three plans basic ($8.99), standard ($12.99), and premium ($12.99).
  • Hulu: A monthly subscription-based streaming service that costs from $5.99 to $60.99. Hulu has a free trial version of a month as well.
  • Disney Plus: Watch your favorite Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Starwars, and National Geographic content with Disney+ Streaming Service. After the seven days trial period, Disney+ costs $6.99 per month.
  • Amazon Prime Video: Owned by Amazon, the Amazon Prime Video is an unlimited streaming service. It only costs $5.99 per month, and that too after 30 days cancel anytime trial duration.
  • Apple TV Plus: Apple’s ad-free on-demand streaming and TV service, Apple TV Plus is just $4.99 per month. Get a 7-day trial by just registering with your credentials, and subscribe to the plan afterward.
  • Hotstar: Hotstar is India’s most famous streaming service with free as well as premium content. For premium and VIP content, the annual plans range from â‚ą399/year to â‚ą1499/year.
  • HBO NOW: Featuring HBO’s originals, HBO NOW is a subscription-based service costing $14.99 per month. It offers a 7-day trial, and you can cancel that anytime.
  • CBS All Access: A $5.99 per month service, that gives you Live TV Streaming, on-demand movies and TV shows, and the CBS’ originals all in one place. Plus, CBS All Access gives 2 month trial period to its users.
  • ShowTime:  An American based TV Channel, Showtime, that is now offering its online streaming as well. Watch new episodes, and movies just in $10.99 per month along with 30 days trial period that you can cancel anytime.

SolarMovie FAQs

Is SolarMovie trusted and free?

SolarMovie is an absolutely free streaming website. However, it can lead to some external 3rd-Party URLS that can be malicious; hence it is not fully trusted.

Did SolarMovie get shut down?

SolarMovie streams free content, which makes it eventually illegal. Therefore, the original Solar Movie Website was taken down, now only spammy sites exist with similar names such as “solarmoviez”, “solar movie”.

Is SolarMovie legal?

Such sites are illegal under European law but legal under U.S. law as they do not host the content on their servers, they just index it. For more read this thread.

What is the real solar movie site?

The real site was shutdown years back, now only spammy sites exist with similar names.

Is SolarMovie SC Safe?

It is NOT safe at all. Check our guide to know more.


Security and Privacy Concerns

Visiting streaming websites such as SolarMovies is like going to a bee sanctuary without protective gear. There are many risks that you can face, including downloading some virus on your computer, malware, being prone to fraud, and even getting a fine from your internet provider.

But, if you are still a rebel and want to stream movies online, then there is one protective measure you can take to stay safe. And, that is, you should always use a reliable VPN on your system before visiting streaming sites. Using a VPN or Solarmovie proxy will help you stay safe from all sorts of viruses and malware, and more importantly, your internet service provider won’t even know about it.

Mostly, these free streaming websites would resort to adverts so they can pay up the cost for servers. I know that’s jargon, and even irrelevant for you, but you can circumvent this behavior by simply enabling an adblocker. These extension tools go a long way to make sure no ad pops up during your screen time.

Lastly, one other thing you should take care of once you’re at the streaming website is to disable their notifications. Mostly, websites show you a prompt once you enter for them to show notifications. Often, they’re just annoying and can show up every now and then.

Final Words

Whether you are not able to find your favorite movie on SolarMovies or do not trust the website itself, whatever your reasons are to find sites like Solar movie, we have done the job easier for you.

These best free SolarMovie alternatives will provide you with equally entertaining content. If we dropped out your favorite, do let us know in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you!


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