Speaker vs. Headphones: Choosing Perfect Gadgets for Dorm

Getting out of your parents’ house and moving into a college dorm where you will be surrounded by your peers and lots of fun during the next years is both exciting and, at the same time, scary. Needless to say that the life you are about to begin will be much different. And you will have to adjust to survive and make the most of these years.

Enrolling into college is challenging. During their first years, students face a variety of issues from an extensive academic load to difficulties with homework. Luckily, today anyone can get essay help from EssayHub helpers to make your college life easier. But, still, there are some acclamation issues that are not solved that easily.

What is the hardest part of getting used to college life? Many will agree that it is adjusting to the dorm. In contrast to your past life, here, you will be surrounded by other students 24/7. That is, you will not only have to adjust to a new environment but also learn to share your private space with others. To do this, you might need certain tools, some of which are headphones and speakers. Most college students find these two things vital for dorm life. But, which of them is best? Let’s figure this out!

The Case for Headphones

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The issues strike when you decide to have a study session. Let’s say you were assigned to write a college essay. To handle the task, you will probably need to figure out how to write a good paper (check out this blog article for this). But, you will also need peace and silence. Needless to say that it will be hard to concentrate in a noisy room. That’s when some good noise-canceling headphones will fit right in!

Such gadgets can come in handy in many situations. As was mentioned earlier, it is a great way to block out unnecessary noises during studies. Besides, music is proven to boost brain function. Thus, if you play some background music during your sessions, it can actually help you get more focused and do better!

Another way to use headphones in a dorm is the opposite situation – when your roommate is trying to study, is busy, or simply sleeping. Living in a dorm, it is vital to be mutually respectful to each other’s private space. Thus, if you don’t want to get into quarrels with your roommates, you’d better listen to music or watch movies in headphones from time to time. Especially, when they are sleeping or studying.

Finally, the last way to use headphones is to create your own, quiet world. Life in college is intense and stressful. That’s why every student needs a little peace and quiet from time to time. To give yourself an opportunity to relax and abstract from the outside world, you can get cozy in your bed and listen to your favorite music or watch a nice film. This will help to reduce stress, too.

The Case for Speakers

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While headphones can be very handy in a dorm, so do speakers. At times when all your homework is taken care of (check out this article to tackle your assignments with ease and have more time), and you want to have some fun, that’s when some high-quality speakers will be just perfect!

Attending college, you will likely make lots of good friends. At some point, it is natural if you would want to listen to music without headphones and share it with newfound mates. With speakers, you can blast your favorite tunes anywhere. Or you could also play some quiet background music while chilling out in your room.

Another scenario when such gadgets will come in handy is a party. If you decide to throw an awesome dorm party, you won’t make it without good, loud music. So, here you have another benefit.

Finally, you may want to gather friends for a movie night. And that’s one more case when speakers may help you create the right atmosphere and enjoy your favorite movies to the fullest! Thus, as you see, speakers can also be perfect gadgets for your room.

Headphones vs. Speakers: The Verdict

Headphones are perfect for creating your own, quiet world. They will come in handy for long study sessions when you need to avoid distraction or night movie marathons, during which you don’t want to bother your neighbors.

Speakers, on the contrary, are designed not to cancel out the noise, but to make it. Having such a gadget in a dorm, you can share music with friends or make a movie night together.

Looking back at everything we’ve said earlier, we can conclude that both headphones and speakers can perform an important role in your dorm life. So, the verdict is – it’s great to have both!


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