The Streaming Wars And The Future Of Television

Everyone's Wrong About the Streaming Wars - OneZero

The streaming world is getting more and more popular, all because of the incorporation of digitization in almost every aspect of life. This has made the big companies spend millions of dollars on launching their streaming platforms with competitive content.

Their main aim is to get into the streaming services and take on the likes of Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu which are perceived as big players in the online entertainment world.

The Timing

Traditional media always thought that their customers would always stay loyal to cable TV. But with YouTube and Netflix launching 14 and 12 years ago respectively, viewers got attracted to on-demand entertainment and looked for options online instead. This is why companies like Apple, which used iTunes to provide music and movie service, have lost a huge customer base.

New Players

  • Disney+: This Walt Disney platform has less content than Netflix but it is targeting the family audience. It also comes with a “Star Wars” series and is equipped with all movies from Marvel and Pixar Universe.
  • HBO Max: Unlike the cable version, it has more content and boasts of having hit series like Game of Thrones, Sopranos, South Park, and Friends among new shows.
  • Apple TV+: They don’t have a library of shows yet and only have a few select shows with ‘The Morning Show’ being the main event program.
  • Peacock: It is a mix of new and old shows but has a few unusual quirks. It provides free streaming facilities to people who pay for cable or watch an advertisement.

Content Boom?

With at least 100 news shows made every year, there is no dearth of content. The reason for this is simple – the viewers. Because of the demand of the viewers to watch original shows, the producers have no choice but to keep churning out original content regularly.

However, it must be noted that viewers are not only looking for better content, but they also have an eye for the best offers on streaming services. This is the reason that platforms like have made it to the market to provide users with the best offers and discounts.

Where Is The Market?

Surveys predict that viewers are willing to pay for up to 5 streaming services which means that there is enough market. With Disney+ hitting 10 million subscribers in a day and Netflix sitting at the top with 160 million subscribers, the others have a lot of work to do to catch up.

Where Is The Money?

Most of the streaming service providers have other means to fund. For example, Amazon offers free shopping and free video services to customers who opt for Amazon Prime that comes with an annual fee. Moreover, service providers like Apple are encouraging customers to buy electronic products and they might attach Apple TV+ with it as an incentive.

What About Cable TV?

Subscriptions have seen a sharp decline and it only gets sharper each quarter. This is why cable operators are concentrating more on providing internet service to their customers. As of now, sports are what keep cable TV alive because most of its rights are with the traditional TV networks which are unlikely to change in the near future.

More Players?

Streaming services are evolving their products every day and looking to cater to niche markets as well. For example, BET+ is dedicated to black viewers while Noggin is for kids. Horror fans can always turn to Shudder while Acorn is looking after UK viewers.


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