Teamfight Tactics – The New Hype Train

League Of Legends Newest Mode

When thinking about the game League of Legends, the idea of a competitive game mode instantly comes across your mind. “Ranked” is what it’s called. Ranked modes have been in and out of games ever since the beginning of gaming, with that being said, League Of Legends ( the game referred to above ) has done something that it’s predecessor did long before it was a well-established game.

Team-Fight Tactics has been established as KING of the streaming game, from Yassuo –  semi-professional League Of Legends player – all the way to Mizkif – a “Just Chatting” / multi-categorical streamer whose experiences with League is very limited: and has taken over the broadcasting game. Seeing a very easy way to increase their average view count, the best-of-the-best broadcasters has taken advantage of the newest game mode in which Riot Games has released, some even going as far as placing wagers inside of their personal broadcasters friend group would gift ( X ) amount of subs to the winner – – meaning if you lost to somebody like Disguised Toast, you would have to gift ( X ) amount of subs to him.

Viewership, Followship, and Attention Grabbers

From this implementation, everybody that’s capitalized on this new game mode, they’ve gained a plethora of not only followers, subscriptions, views/viewership, but they’ve also gained the attention from other companies. As seen in the photo cited, during the months of January, Fortnite became the easiest, most accessible, and most desired game on Twitch. With ever-changing demands, needs, and a requirement to maintain people’s attention, Fortnite has gradually been dying out in accordance to these requirements.

Source: Newzoo

Who’s on top now?

Team-fight Tactics. This new, innovative, interesting, and game-changing game mode has changed the broadcasting game for the better. Switching up the typical League Of Legends stream here and there, this implementation has improved a large majority of broadcasters and their viewer base – “Switching Up The Scenery.”

Competing with Twitch’s very own special, sponsored, sanctioned events, “TFT” has ONLY reaped positive results, benefiting well over thousands of channels who have streamed this game since the release of its debut game mode.

Riot’s Self-Made Competition

Branching from their main series / main game mode, Riot Games decided that it was time to change things and release this said game mode; although it doesn’t warrant all of the attention it’s immediately amassed, there are many things wrong with the game, ( coding wise ), with it, but it still doesn’t take away from it’s do-goods that it’s provided. League Of Legends is still one of the MOST streamed games on Twitch, and for a good reason! The competitive behind League, and why people are constantly attempting to one-up each other on the ranked game mode for League is what brings viewers back, again and again, and again. From streamers/broadcasters who hardly play the game or people who play League Of Legends professionally; League is open to everybody, and is understanding about most things, besides the obligatory racists / homophobic players who go out of their way to put others down. These said streamers can look like the run-of-the-mill people that you’d see walking down the street. League has created and given a platform to most people in which they’ve been able to establish themselves as professional, semi-professional, or casual Gamers. From these categories of people, EVERY last one of them has the potential to be the best they can be. Occasionally, needing additional help in ranking up, you might need to hire somebody to play with/for you – we call this: Elo Boosting

To be put into lamest terms, elo boosting is something that most have heard of, but few have ventured out into finding more information about, being seen as one of the most “toxic groups of people”  even ranging from the most popular broadcasters; these people have either experienced boosting firsthand, or have had similar experiences with these groups of people. Confusing, and bad-mouthing people who have boosted before is one of the most popular viewpoints in which people have taken in these past few years. Specializing in in-game tactics, strategies, playstyles – – whatever you want to call it, these boosters have been through all of it, and mastered it; which is why they’ve gotten hired accordingly. Although most companies look down upon these said workers/boosters, that doesn’t mean that YOU have to. For being known as one of the most efficient players in the servers, these boosters have put the pain-staking amount of hours in which they’ve dedicated to improving, adapting, and adjusting themselves per patch that goes through.

Teamfight Tactics Current State

To alter our topic from League, back to Team-fight Tactics, the newest, and the greatest craze easily took over streams due to the entry-level simplicity of the game, into the more strategic side of the game ( which is why it’s more commonly known as Auto Chess ) makes getting into the game really simple, but mastering it close to impossible. Constant / consistently rotating rounds that are quick, and action-packed for the broadcasters and viewers alike, makes playing the game not only enjoyable, but profitable, both in margin, and knowledge – the viewers learn, while simultaneously; the broadcaster themselves learn how to play the game, get more of a reputation for being good at TFT,  and learn what their community likes. Adapting, and assisting those around you, not only can benefit you, but can benefit those around you; aspiring broadcasters in which they are attempting to grow their streams, viewers who are looking for more interactive streamers, or even Twitch staff themselves take into consideration all of these topics/genres whenever the said broadcaster applies for Partnership.


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