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Most of us live our lives working towards our next reward. For instance, from putting the hours in to get the next promotion and reaping the rewards of a bigger salary. Or incentivizing ourselves to complete an ever-growing to-do list, by agreeing to purchase a new game for ourselves once we finish it.

Video games are no different. There is a plethora of reward systems in video games. Such as loot boxes for gaining x amount of XP, or new cosmetics and skins for achieving MVP status in a shooting game.

There are a few reasons why rewards in life and games are so satisfying. Firstly, it helps to drive peoples’ motivation to complete tasks. And secondly, those who claim their prize get the benefit of a dopamine boost. A study in the late 90s shows the effect videogames have on people’s brains. It revealed playing games generated a 100% increase in dopamine from the brain.

Games developers use this to their advantage by incorporating rewards to help the player in their pursuits in-game. Whether to give players the courage or encouragement to eradicate their enemy territory, create a hospital, or raid the opposition’s dungeon. Players are given the incentive to work through challenging gaming tasks with the promise of rewards.

Below is a breakdown of three popular games and the generous in-game rewards they offer players.

Cleopatra Online Slots

This game is created and provided by IGC and is available to play on 888 casino. It features a captivating real money slots game in an Egyptian theme. Which is presented through the sound effects, colour scheme, and symbols.

Cleopatra is a favourite among casino players. Particularly for those who want to bask in escapism and transition to a magical place in ancient Egypt.

Cleopatra’s ultimate in-game reward is where players have the opportunity to earn 10,000 x their bet if they get five Cleopatra symbols in a row. Meaning if players bet $400, they can expect to win $4 million in return!

Beyond the potential to amass riches, there are other bonuses and rewards on offer in Cleopatras slots. For instance, if players get either three, four, or five sphinxes on the reels at any one time, they win 15 free spins.

Plus, when the free spins begin, the player gets another set of free spins if another 3 to 5 sphinxes appear on-screen. This generous reward enables players to make the most out of any money they’ve bet in-game.

Furthermore, there are numerous other slot games at 888 casinos to choose from, which provide just as many exciting and generous rewards. Moreover, most of them have a generous RTP (return to player percentage). Meaning players have a greater chance of being rewarded with a monetary prize.

World Of Warcraft

WOW, created by Blizzard Entertainment, has established itself as the most successful MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) of all time.

Since its release in 2014, World of Warcraft has accumulated a gross revenue of $9.23 billion. This means it’s one of the most financially successful gaming franchises ever to exist.

The game provides an enchanted and magical realm for players to complete quests, join guilds, raid dungeons, and level-up their characters as they do.

Due to its popularity, various expansion packs have been released over the years, such as Wrath of The Lich King, The Burning Crusade, and most recently Shadowlands.

While its success can’t solely be attributed to its in-game rewards, they do play a large part in charming players to indulge in the game in all its glory.

World of warcraft’s in-games rewards include things like gaining XP for completing quests. The XP determines how close a character is to level up. In the recent game Shadowlands, there are 60 levels for players to work through.

Additionally, players who achieve great things in wow may join a title next to their names, allowing them to show others their impressive accomplishments in-game.

For example, one of the most prestigious titles you can earn is awarded when players defeat a boss called Algalon. The winning title is ‘Astral Walker’.

Moreover, loyalty and time spent completing complicated tasks is sometimes rewarded with cute and cool mounts. These are companions’ that players can collect and summon to ride outdoors.

Call of Duty

Much like WOW, COD the franchise rarely requires an introduction among avid gamers. The game, which was published by Activision, launched in 2003. The games’ intention was for players to work their way through campaigns set during world war 2.

Last month Call of Duty: Blacks Ops Cold War was released. As expected, it received raving reviews and an abundance of new followers. On its release, it amassed a phenomenal $360 million selling copies.

Here is the game’s best reward on offer, which is gained either by earning XP or playing well in-game.

  • Rare weapons and gear
  • Cosmetics and skins effects
  • Higher rank
  • With the battle [pass, players can gain emblems and code points

A fair and generous rewards system in games like Cleopatra slots, WOW and COD, defines what players are worthy of a new status, title, free spins, etc.

Recognition of commitment and skill in-game by administering rewards gives players the momentum and perseverance to continue playing and to strive for the next prize. And so, it’s easy to see why games, such as slots, are a favourite pastime for many worldwide.


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