5 Tips Before You Buy Your First Domain

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When you own a domain, what you own is a piece of the internet; specifically, you own the rights to a certain combination of words that are used to describe a numerical IP address. Now, while that does not sound glamorous, it is essential to own your domain before you build a site, this way you make sure that all your work is for the right cause. You don’t want to get involved with someone else’s party and then get caught with the bill in your name because you share the same last name. This is decidedly not what you want, so make sure you own your first domain. The good news is that there are tips right here for you that will help you get the right domain. This means monetizing the site is also something that can work out because you have done the first part – building a sign – much easier, again.

There are some steps you need to go through. For example, you need to register your domain name. This is really important. Part of the thing you need to do is enter contact information; this will get you additional protection. However, finding a registrar is not easy. Fortunately, we put together a complete review of domain registrars here for you to peruse at your leisure. As for buying a domain, everything should go through a process. This will help people are making sure that all of the important information is there, and that the domain shows it belongs to you. Once this is the case, then you can start working on building out your site to the vision that you have for it.

Do Your Due Diligence

There are a lot of reasons why there are a lot of domain names for sale, and the truth is many of them are not good. Some people just buy domains for the sake of owning them while others buy the great domain that you are interested in and have no interest in selling despite the domain not being used for anything. They may feel like they have great value on the domain and not want to sell it. For whatever the reason, you need to make sure that you do your homework on the domain itself.

That said, you also need to do homework on your business as well. The most important thing is that you identify the values of your business and why certain domains and keywords embedded in the domain kick in. This is one of the better things about due diligence. You learn how you can make sure that your business is properly represented within the structure of the domain name.

Ease of Use Should Guide Your Choice

A domain that is easy to remember and easy to type is a domain that people will enjoy. Think about some of the best blogs that you have read, or the best sites that you have visited. Most of the time, they are easy on the words – for example, these are not sites using extremely high-level vocabulary because it is too difficult for those sites to get visitors. People don’t want to type in long names, especially if the long domain is funny. The bottom line keeping your business’s name short and sweet is very important, and that will help you attract and retain traffic. At the end of the day, that is what the domain name is about – attracting and retaining traffic, so if it is easy for you, chances are it will be easy on your customers.

Make Sure You Keep .Com

There are plenty of reasons why .com is a favorite URL extension. The first reason is that it is by far the most popular. A recent inventory of the internet showed that 46% of people are using .com as their personal website extension. Thus, what has happened to .com is that it is no longer a URL extension that is designated for businesses only. And, because the URL extension is so ubiquitous, people automatically give your business to the benefit of the doubt. You have a .com website, therefore you must be someone who knows a bit about business and will deliver – at least that is the idea that is conferred upon you, your site, and your business by others. That is why it is imperative to keep the. com – you will enjoy the feelings of being profitable thanks to this site.

Check Social Media

There are so many great examples of a good idea being undone at the last moment because some people did not do their homework quite well enough. This means when you are looking at a new domain, do a quick social media search. This will help you see if there are some embarrassing things associated with your prospective domain name and that will give you ideal insight onto the permutations of your domain name’s viral nature, or lack thereof.

That said, social media can be a wasteland. So when you are seeing stuff on there that seems overly critical, pay it no mind otherwise it can consume you.

Separate Yourself from Others

One of the worst things that someone buying a domain name can do is make the domain name really similar to something that is already very well established. There is not counterfeit activity going on here, but at the same time, if your site is Marshalls.com and the other site was Marshals.com – the second l makes a huge difference. So, extending this idea to the Antique Store Owner, it is important to have something unique. Separate yourself from the competition by doing something really interesting with your domain name. That said, another tip within this tip is to keep things short and sweet in your domain name. With a domain that is short and sweet and is completely different than the rest, it stands to reason that you will have a unique footprint online, which means that you will get an audience for sure.



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