Top 12 Best Video Animation Companies

Cost-effective, high in creativity, and a refreshing change from lengthy articles, video animation is the new way to boost your content marketing efforts.

While companies wanted animated video content, they didn’t have the experience or talent in creating this specific form of content. This dearth in talent gave rise to video animation companies where brands and businesses can get amazing content made by talented concept artists and creative directors. If you’re on the hunt for a video agency to hire, here are the top 12 of them to look out for.

Kasra Design

With a decade of experience, Kasra Design is an award-winning team with over 700 custom videos under their belt. The company excels in 2D animation, 3D animation, and even mix of both. What sets Kasra Design apart is their excellent customer service and the ability to transform complex ideas into mind-boggling video animations that promise to deliver an exceptional experience. Moreover, their approach to helping clients to meet business goals through animated content makes Kasra Design a customer-centric agency to some of the world’s leading brands such as HP, IATA, Credit Suisse, Commonwealth Bank, Panasonic, Shell and more.


A design studio based in Italy, ILLO specializes in motion design, illustration and set design. Some of its most prominent clients are Snapchat, Spotify, Marvel to name a few. ILLO’s uniqueness lies in its philosophy of, ‘less is more’ represented in their brand name as well as in their design. Full of vibrant colors and artistic blends, ILLO’s designs are works of art. ILLO’s perfect for companies that want to invest heavily in video animation as a primary form of storytelling.

Cub Studio

The brainchild of two powerhouse geniuses – Davidson a veteran in the video animation industry and Skinner, a leading online marketing expert. With over 10 years of experience working with high-end brands and the world’s largest online entities, the partners formed Cub Studio and drove it to awe-inspiring success as it earned the BAFTA award in 2013 for its role in the production of BBC’s The Revolution Will be Televised – a British satire show. Cub Studio specializes in animation videos for products, TV shows and sports events having delivered animated videos for EURO 2016 Fantasy games, 6 Nations Championship, Team Canada Olympics and many more.

Pigeon Studio

A wide range of services from motion design to cut-out animation, infographics to film and TV, Pigeon Studio is a full-service animation agency that provides explainer and commercial videos. The agency is an ideal choice for businesses that want other design services such as comics and cartoon series other than just animation. It provides standalone services for animatics, sound design, character design and many more. Whether you’re looking for just one type of service or for a complete series, Pigeon Studio facilitates it all.


A global creative studio, Nerdo has a unique approach to animation – they build identities and craft stories. Meaning, if you’re looking for an animated character or design that reflects your brand identity, Nerdo is the place to go. Their identity clientele list includes Discovery Channel, Cartoon Network, MTV music and more. Additionally, the company also offers 2D and 3D animation for events, TV shows, product launches, trailers and much more.


Based in Ukraine, HoundStudio has over 500 animation videos to their credit. Specializing in all forms of 3D animation production, the studio also offers animated website and animated explainer videos as part of their package. For small business owners and startups looking to get animated videos made for product or service promotion, HoundStudio is the perfect go-to agency.

Commotion Engine

Commotion Engine does not just produce animated content, they also enable clients to monitor the performance of those videos through video analytics tool. As per the agency, they are focused on the buyer’s journey and look to facilitate it by providing content that helps move buyers through the marketing funnel. Most animation production agencies only produce content, but Commotion Engine is a first of its kind that also allows for content marketing videos and video performance measurement.

BluBlu Studios

A global animation production company with clients including The New York Times, Panasonic, Riot Games and many more, Blu Blu Studio delivers high-end design to the world’s leading brands. The agency focuses on commercials, illustrations, video series, motion design and character design for brands and products. The company has received multiple Telly Awards for its motion design, animation and promotional video productions.

Favo Studio

Founded in 2011 and based in Portugal, Favo Studio has been around for more than a decade providing design solutions to clients as Samsung, FC Porto, Louis Vuitton, and many more. Favo Studio does not only deliver animated video productions but also offers creative direction, script & copywriting along with other essentials as explainer videos, VFX, music composition and sound design. If you’re looking for an agency that offers more than just video production, Favo Studio is an excellent choice.


Looking specifically for web videos and infographics? Xplai does just that. Essentially a motion design company, the agency focuses on crafting an online presence for companies through explainer videos, infographics, illustration, and animation. Based in Ukraine, the company has worked with small and large businesses across the world. If you need an agency that understands design for the web, Xplai it is!

Rocketpanda Studio

Located in Verona, TheRocketPanda is a low-key animation studio that focuses on delivering funky designs and video animation for brands and businesses. If you’re looking for a studio aimed at delivering hip, cool, young video content, TheRocketPanda is a great choice!

Odd Fellows

Essentially a content agency, OddFellows is one of the few agencies that truly understands the need to create unforgettable brand experiences. What sets the company aside is their approach which they state as, ‘dealing in human emotion.’ The designs, the animation, the work produced is based on creating feelings. If you’re following a human-centric content strategy, the OddFellows are your best partners in creating emotive, human content.

The Wrap

Video animation companies are your best partners in your video marketing efforts. In an age when video directly influences the buyer’s purchase decisions and their perceptions of your brand, you cannot ignore the importance of a great video to help you achieve your business goals. I hope the above list saves you time and effort in finding the top of the shelf companies for your video project.



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