Top Tech Items for the 2020s: How and What to Buy

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Are you in the midst of deciding what your next tech purchase will be? Maybe you have a few outdated computers, audio components, TVs, security devices, and are looking to upgrade your lifestyle. Whatever the reason, this is a good time to be shopping for high-tech consumer goods. Prices are on a down-trend as retailers work hard to make up for lost ground from 2020’s lethargic virus season. All over the world, retail markets in technology and other areas were hit hard by the pandemic.

What’s the silver lining to that very dark cloud? Things are beginning to turn around, sellers are eager to unload excess inventory that didn’t sell last year, and you can find great deals online or in stores. Before you head out the door or prepare to click away at your favorite e-commerce dealer’s website, take a few minutes to make a battle plan. What should you do? First, make a shopping list, just as you would for a visit to the local grocery store. Second, do the financial math so your purchases don’t break the bank.

Then, do what investors call due diligence. That’s the step where you read dozens of product reviews, compare prices, and study product specs. Finally, read through a list of what the hottest tech products are for the upcoming buying season. It’s always helpful to know what’s trending. Some consumers avoid the trends in hopes of getting bargains. Others follow them in order to keep current and have the latest, greatest stuff on the market.

Deciding What You Need

Look around your home, garage, and office. Are there a few gaps in your collection? Most people focus on their home entertainment systems, residential security setups, vehicle connectivity, phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. You might have some other favorites on your list, but those categories represent the ones where the vast majority of people spend their money for upgrades and new buys.

How to begin? Make a personal top ten listing, not ranked according to price but in order of what you want to acquire first. That way, when you begin searching for products, you won’t feel overwhelmed with choices and options. Keep your buying journey to one thing at a time. After you get that one, move on to the next. It’s about focus and patience. Don’t worry, you’ll eventually make it all the way to the bottom of your page.

Paying for Your Stuff

Nothing in this world is free. The payment phase of your dream list is where the rubber meets the road, as the old saying warns. After your top ten list is finished, make some rough estimates about prices for each numbered item. Do you have enough in savings to cover the grand total? What about just the first three things? If not, avoid running to those plastic rectangles in your wallet. Instead, consider taking out a personal loan. The option for low interest personal loans are a smart, convenient way to pay for life’s necessities.

Even if you have high limits on credit cards, personal loans make sense for numerous reasons. First, you’ll likely get much more favorable rates compared to cards. Second, paying off a loan on time is an excellent way to ramp up credit scores within six months to a year. Applying for personal loans is fast and easy. You can typically get approval in a matter of minutes after filling out a very brief application form.

Finding Quality Products

If you go to the trouble of making a written list and coming up with a financial plan of attack, don’t waste all your effort on low-quality goods. The internet is a phenomenal resource for consumers, no matter what product category or price range you’re looking at. So, if you’re in the market for a new car stereo or plasma TV, read at least 10 objectives, detailed reviews before deciding on a style, brand, or retailer.

The best way to gather reliable information from review websites is to use the wide net method. That’s where you view between five and ten sites, check out a few reviews on each one, and try to only include websites that don’t earn sales commission for the owner. The good thing about computers, entertainment products, security devices, and similar items is that there are literally thousands of verifiable, detailed reviews out there. All you have to do is look for them, read them, and let them guide your buying decisions.

The 3 Top Tech Categories for the 2020s

Here are the big sellers as of 2021. See if any of your wish-list selections are included:

  • Entertainment Centers: Whether for home or office, entertainment centers represent a major part of this market niche. The beauty of this product category is that you can mix and match. There’s no need to buy all one brand or a fully integrated set of items. For instance, maybe you just want a new soundbar, TV, or sub-woofer. You can shop one, two, or three retailers, opting for the best deal offered by each one. Or, you can sometimes save by combining a few pieces from the same seller, but that’s not always the case. Look for solid warranties, reliable brand names, and respected retailers.
  • Home Security Systems: In this category, prices have really come down a lot in the past five years. It’s now possible to purchase all-around video surveillance cameras for about 20 percent of what they cost a few years ago. Consider adding in things like motion detectors, high-sensitivity alarms for doors and windows, and smart locks. It’s possible to make your home virtually break-in proof without spending a fortune.
  • Smart Energy Devices for Homes: The home thermostat has undergone an amazing revolution in 20 years. Today’s portable or permanent models do an incredible number of tasks, help you cut monthly utility bills by a lot, and are cut down on wasted energy use. If you want to do an all-house energy review, consider getting a smart thermostat for your water heater, heat-loss devices for attics and basements, and radon detectors for key areas of your home.


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