UkeySoft iPhone Unlocker Review 2021

There are circumstances in which you forget the iPhone screen passcode for several reasons. The reason could be;

  • You change your passcode often and forgot.
  • Your closer-one changes it and forgot.
  • Your iPhone screen has broken and the touch doesn’t work properly.
  • Too many failed attempts you have made and an iPhone doesn’t allow anymore and many more scenarios can it be.

If for any of the above-mentioned reasons, somehow you forgot passcode and want to unlock iPhone without passcode. You look for the iPhone Unlocker tool.

During many software testing, UkeySoft iPhone Unlocker proved itself a 1-click solution when it comes to bypassing the password of any iOS supported device. Let’s explore the features of this unlocking tool.

UkeySoft iPhone Unlocker Features

Unlock iPhone screen passcode

If you have forgotten the screen passcode by a bit of mistake. Within 5 minutes, You can unlock the passcode with UkeySoft iPhone Unlocker. The removal of the iPhone screen passcode will be discussed below in this article.

Unlock all kinds of screen lock

Without any complication, UkeySoft iPhone Unlocker works for all kinds of screen locks. Within just 3 steps, you can remove the passcode or other security methods includes screen passcode, 4-Digit/6-Digit Code, Face ID, pattern, Touch ID.

Basically, it works by detecting your iOS device on PC to introduce appropriate firmware in the iOS device. By the way, there is nothing to fear during the unlocking of the screen passcode. Your iPhone will not get any damage throughout the process.

Unlock Apple ID & iCloud activation lock

UkeySoft iPhone Uncloker grants the unlocking of Apple ID and iCloud activation without having a password. Provided that to make sure your iPhone device is activated and running on iOS 13 or earlier versions.

Support all latest Apple devices

UkeySoft iPhone Unlocker doesn’t only allow older iPhone versions rather it also allows the latest versions. The latest version includes iPhone 11, iPhone 11Pro(Max), iPhone XS (Max)/XR, iPhone X.

Moreover, UkeySoft iPhone Unlocker is designed to allow every device which supports iOS.

Preserve your data and apps

If you have misremembered your password of Apple ID and want to recover it without data loss. The UkeySoft iPhone Unlocker would recover password and preserves all the data and apps on your iOS device.

User-friendly interface

The user interface is the underlying ease that good software provides. So yes, UkeySoft iPhone Unlocker does so and offers a user-friendly interface.

Anyone who doesn’t have any technical knowledge can also perform the iPhone Unlocking task 100% safely.

How to Unlock iPhone Screen Passcode with UkeySoft Unlocker

Firstly download UkeySoft iPhone Unlocker from the following download button.


This message will appears on the screen after too many failed attempts.

unlock iPhone with locked screen

Step 1 – By launching UkeySoft, connect your iPhone to the computer.

Step 1. Launch UkeySoft Unlocker and connect iPhone to computer.

Step 2 – Download the firmware package.

Step 2. Select and download firmware package.

Step 3 – iPhone screen passcode removal starts.Step 3. Start removing screen passcode from iPhone.

For a better experience for unlocking iPhone, you should watch practically how it works.

Pros Cons
User-friendly Interface After Unlocking, the latest iOS version updated Automatically without the user permission
It can remove iCloud account & Apple ID from activated iOS devices Deletes phone data and settings after unlocking
No technical knowledge required
Remove Any security hindrance


Lifetime License: $59.95 (After 30-day trial)



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