MMORPG is a trendy genre, and it has a different meaning for different people. Some play it to get away from the daily routine, while others like to experience the fantasy world with their friends. Nevertheless, MMOs allow us to unravel the mysteries of different worlds, which, in my opinion, is the most exciting thing in the world. While there are quite a few MMOs released now, some are hidden gems that truly deserve the spotlight.

Here is my list of some of the most underrated games that you have to play

Albion Online


On top of the list, we have a sandbox MMO inspired by old school games, Albion online. You will be shocked at the amount of freedom Albion Online gives to its players. Ever looked at someone’s gear and thought how cool it would look on your character? You can enjoy full looting system in PvP of Albion online, which means you can get awesome gear in no time. The game is more entertaining to play with your friends as you can go around in squads of 4, 10 and even 25! Loot all the expensive Albion gear or craft your own items. The class system is also significantly less restrictive, which allows the players to experience more.

The Secret World


Have you ever wanted to experience a modern world MMO? It might sound a bit boring, but what if I told you that it was inspired by the ancient mysteries, mythology and conspiracy theories? The secret world takes place in our times and focuses on three secret societies: The Templars, The Dragons and Illuminati. You get to explore the darkness that lingers inside the tall buildings and experience the existence of magic in the present time. Exhilarating, right? The secret world is a hidden gem that requires just a little polishing to shine bright. The concept is quite refreshing, and it’ll be even more fun to play with your friends.

Black desert online


The sandbox game, Black Desert Online, is a true MMORPG that gives the players a lot of freedom in everything which requires commitment. The game has the best character customization with 19 unique classes to choose from, a massive amount of skills needed to succeed in the BDO universe and 10 exciting professions! What’s not to love about it? BDO is the type of game that will have you discovering new things even after years of playing it. If the grind is getting to you, then you can always buy the items you need online at a low cost, so you can keep on playing. All you need is the commitment to enjoy this masterpiece, and I promise you that it will be the best thing you ever experienced.

Lord of the rings online


LOTR online was indeed a dream coming true for all the LOTR fans. After 2 decades, the game is still one of the best video games ever made to represent the LOTR lore. LOTRO is indeed a bit old-school when it comes to graphics and gameplay, but that is the real beauty of it. Recent MMOs fail to provide the magical experience of a fantasy world, but you won’t be disappointed with LOTRO. If you haven’t read any books or watched the movies on LOTR, then that’s completely fine as the MMO has more than enough content to help you understand the LOTR universe. Most people think that it’s specific for LOTR fans only and that’s probably why it’s underrated. Nevertheless, LOTRO is a true masterpiece that anyone can enjoy

DC Universe Online


Let’s end the list with the most underplayed and underrated game of the decade, DC Universe Online. The MMO is a hidden gem that is barely recognized by people. You get to walk your own path in the DC universe. How crazy is that? The game is so well made that you will feel like you’re a part of the universe. You can create your own character and decide the powers as well. The visuals are amazing, the gameplay is fluid, and you can even fight against your friends. So, what’s stopping you from playing DC Universe online?


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