VPN Service for Torrents, or Bypassing Blocking Sites at High Speed

For some people, downloading torrent content is a mysterious process, but for others, it is just frightening. In this article, we will look at the intricacies of torrenting with kickass and explain why you need to use a VPN service if you get and transfer torrent files. Moreover, you can have a look at Nord VPN review to find out more information about the VPN service in general.

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Many Americans with warm nostalgia recall those days when the Internet had a lot of free networks. Between 1999 and 2001, it was possible to download music from an extensive catalog for free. Nevertheless, like all good things, this time quickly ended. The music industry companies and their lawyers put an end to this fairy tale by means of litigations with large and small services and file sharing.

Therefore, users who were exchanging data were trying to find a new platform. From this chaos appeared a new torrent community. Yes, now the activities of such exchangers as the kickass website are banned in the US, but the community still exists. In fact, through the use of lightning-fast Internet and VPN-networks, torrent files count for more than 6% during peak hours of Internet traffic per day.

How Do Torrent Files Work And What Are They?

These files contain different multimedia:

  • audio and video content;
  • games;
  • applications;
  • images that consumers want to get but do not want to pay for.

These files are mostly not infected with adware and spyware, are not damaged, are available in high resolution, and the possibility to use them does not need to be paid for. However, at first, you need to search an appropriate website to get such content on your device. On the Kickass website, there are “options” of content files where you can choose what you need.

Torrent Clients

After getting the content, you need to open it in an appropriate program. The torrent programs operate on the basis of the fundamental principle of peer-to-peer networks. Small files are downloaded from the devices of community members who have already downloaded the full data that you want to receive.

This is the main difference from the previous applications, where you would have to download the whole file from the device of one of the community members. The transfer of these files is much more troubleproof, because it does not depend entirely on one user. Speed limits and transmission errors occur much less frequently.

In addition, this way of downloading large files is much more advanced. In fact, if you have a high-speed Internet, you can get torrent files in a couple of minutes. After the file has been downloaded successfully, you can use the corresponding function in the application to play it. When a file is downloaded, users often leave the client active for hours. This is called “distribution,” and at this time, you can distribute this file to other consumers.

How Can VPN Be Useful When Downloading The Data?

Lawyers working in the entertainment industry are well aware of the existence of torrents. In fact, they have already joined such communities and are actively using torrent clients. However, instead of distributing information, they help in capturing data distributors and send them an excerpt from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to stop the illegal distribution of content.

They have such an opportunity because they can track the activity of users in peer-to-peer networks, such as the Kickass website. A VPN service described on this site, in its turn, hides your IP address, and thus the responsibility falls not to individual users, but to the VPN provider (and lawyers can fully determine this).

Finally, those who distribute the data need a VPN service that provides protection against DNS leakage. This function monitors your DNS queries so that they are directed through the VPN network and do not go directly through your ISP. Without such protection, due to DNS leak, your ISP can find out that you are participating in the content exchange.

The future of exchanging torrent files is vague. In addition to the constant struggle of lawyers for copyrights, users themselves are accustomed to the services of streaming services that are cheap, provide high-quality content, and more importantly, they are legitimate.

However, there is still an audience of more than 30 million users who download at least one torrent file every day. All of them use high-quality VPN-applications to avoid receiving these unpleasant DMCA notifications. This approach guarantees you fully protected access to your favorite content.


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