5 VPNs to unblock Netflix everywhere in the world

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It’s nice to go on vacation, but there are some things from home that you miss, like having access to your favorite programs on Netflix. Netflix is offered in many countries, however, not all countries offer the same library of content. This means that while you might still be able to stream, you might be unable to access the same shows and programs. The USA has the biggest library, and content that is only available in the states, but there is a way to unblock Netflix USA everywhere in the world and gain access.

Content on Netflix is geo-restricted and the restrictions are put into place based on the IP address of your device. Travel outside the US and you can no longer gain access to your content. However, there is a workaround and that is to sign up with a VPN provider.

How a VPN overcomes geo-restrictions

One of the many benefits of a VPN is that it allows you to overcome geographical restrictions quite easily. By using the service you can stream USA Netflix wherever you are in the world.

The VPN gets around the restrictions by hiding your true IP address and providing you with one in the United States. When you visit Netflix it looks like you are located within the US and you are given access to your content.

However, not all VPNs have the ability to unblock Netflix. Therefore, it is essential to choose a provider that gives you this ability. Our top choices of VPN providers are:

  • NordVPN;
  • ExpressVPN;
  • CyberGhost;
  • Surfshark;
  • HideMyAss.

All of the VPN providers above offer what it takes to get around the Netflix geo-restrictions. All you have to do is choose the provider you want to go with and take out a subscription. Below we will find out what each of the providers offers.

Overcoming geo-restrictions

While the process of using the apps may differ slighting depending on the VPN provider you choose, the steps to unblock and stream Netflix anywhere in the world are as follows:

  • Sign up for a plan with your chosen provider;
  • Download and install software or apps for numerous devices;
  • Open up the software and log in to your account;
  • Choose a server based in the USA;
  • Connect to that server and then visit the Netflix website or app on your device and stream.

We recommend the following VPN providers for unblocking Netflix everywhere in the world.


NordVPN offers access to thousands of servers worldwide along with hundreds in the United States alone, perfect for beating restrictions and streaming USA Netflix.

Numerous apps are available for different devices and the apps are easy to set up and use. NordVPN offers a “SmartPlay” function, which provides a fast connection to the servers needed to stream USA Netflix.

The provider offers live chat so help is always at hand and they offer some features that you might not find with other providers. One of these is the double VPN. On the downside, if you want to access many of the alternative security and privacy features you do have to manually configure them, which is difficult for beginners.

The good news is there are plenty of security features easily accessible, which means most users will never need to access additional ones. This includes 2048-bit encryption, which is more than enough to keep you secure while browsing or streaming.

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ExpressVPN is one of the leading VPN providers out there and while it is not the cheapest option, it does offer premium benefits that are well worth the cost.

The provider offers access to many thousands of high-quality servers based around the world, with numerous servers based in the USA. All of the servers are fully optimized and consistent, which is great news when streaming HD content from Netflix USA.

You will not be hampered by stuttering or freezes as they offer unlimited bandwidth too. Along with this, the provider offers great savings when you take out a yearly plan as opposed to paying monthly. You can save 49% when signing up for a 12-month plan and get a total of 15-months, which is three months entirely free of charge.

ExpressVPN offers a wide range of apps and software for devices and all software is easy to set up, which makes them a great choice for first-time users.

The service works very well for overcoming geo-restrictions, even in countries where there is high censorship.

Along with this, the provider offers military-grade encryption to keep you safe and secure whilst streaming abroad, including a kill switch feature.

Finally, ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with no conditions and 24/7 customer support.


CyberGhost offers superb server speed with servers being optimised for streaming in HD without buffers.

The software comes with some strong privacy features. However, to take full advantage of the privacy features you do have to commit to taking out a longer plan. Security measures are offered by way of AES 256-bit encryption, automatic kill switch and DNS Leak protection.

The interface is simple to use and suitable for first time users of a VPN and apps are available for different devices.

CyberGhost offers a range of servers; however, the network is not as big as that of some of the other providers. On saying this, CyberGhost will automatically choose the best possible server for streaming Netflix and should Netflix discover the server and attempt to block it, CyberGhost will switch you to a different server.

Another useful benefit when browsing the internet and streaming is the in-built ad blocking and malware protection. This means no annoying interruptions when trying to watch your favourite Netflix shows.


Surfshark is another good choice for streaming Netflix anywhere in the world. The provider offers hundreds of servers from around the world, including the United States.

The provider may be a good choice if you have a family and other members of your family want to use it as they offer unlimited simultaneous connections. They support numerous devices, so everyone can access Netflix at the same time.

Servers of Surfshark offer high speed, a necessity when streaming HD abroad, so you will not suffer from buffering or freezing of the picture.

On the downside, there is no automatic connection to a server, you do have to choose one manually and only static servers are used.


HideMyAss will, in fact, hide your IP address and it does it extremely well, so no one knows where you are actually located, including Netflix.

The provider recently added some servers aimed at specifically being used to unblock Netflix. Servers effectively unblock access when using both the web version and apps to stream. This came about due to many users complaining that servers were no longer working to unblock Netflix and they were coming up against blocks despite using the VPN.

They also offer access to hundreds of servers in different countries and the software will automatically choose the best server. However, this does not mean that it will choose the best server for streaming Netflix.

HideMyAss supports numerous devices and the provider offers a free trial before you commit.

So, which VPN provider will you choose to unblock Netflix everywhere in the world?

Source: https://the-bestvpn.com/best-vpn-for-netflix/


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