5 Ways To Optimize Your Website For Multiple Locations

According to Hubspot research, 60% of consumers that conduct a local search on their mobile devices tend to visit the physical premises within 24 hrs. That’s how powerful local SEO is!

Whether you’re a small business with a chain of several local stores or are an international company with branches all over the globe, you’ll have to optimize each location for maximum visibility.

It should go without saying but if you ignore local SEO for the multiple locations, you will be missing out on sales and massive website traffic. Do you have to create a website for each location? No! You simply have to optimize your main website for your other branches.

What Is Multiple Location SEO?

If you sell your products or services in multiple locations, you’re supposed to enhance the user experience and maximize local traffic by optimizing your website. This allows search engines to identify the different locations as being separate, thereby presenting the right information to users based on the nearest business location.

Here are 5 ways you can optimize your business for multiple locations.

Create Location-Specific Pages

The biggest mistake business owners make is to try and rank one page for different locations. This only confuses the search engines and tanks your rankings! Start by creating a different  URL for each location, re-check it with any VPN service such as Avira and optimize the web page with location-specific information.

46% of Google searches are made for local businesses and you need to make sure that your customers are shown the right information based on their location. Showing them general information will only result in a high bounce rate.

Create Separate Google My Business Listings For Each Location

Google my business listings are a high SEO booster. They are free and the best part is that they appear on the very first page of Google, complete with your business information.

The good news is that you can easily control your multiple locations using one Google My Business account. In fact, you don’t have to upload the location details singularity because GMB has a feature that allows bulk uploads using a spreadsheet.

Encourage Separate Reviews For The Locations

Customers tend to trust online reviews more than they trust your business. No matter how good you claim to be if your reviews say otherwise then rest assured that your traffic will decrease.

This is why you need to encourage separate reviews for your multiple locations. Reviews are a dominant feature of search results and separate reviews ensure a bad review of one location doesn’t affect the rest.

Make Sure The Citations Are Consistent

Consistently always pays out when it comes to optimizing your business for multiple locations. Make sure all the details in your listings and citations are similar and avoid tweaking the name to a location-based one.

Leverage Backlinking

You already have separate web pages for the different locations and it’s now time to create a network of backlinks to increase your rankings. Start partnering with local charities, chambers of commerce, bloggers, etc, so that they can link back to your individual pages.

Local SEO For Multiple Location Businesses

Optimizing your website for multiple locations does not have to be too difficult. You simply have to create location-specific pages on your website and optimize them for search engines. Don’t forget to encourage separate reviews, create consistent citations, backlink back to the pages, and have separate google my business pages.


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