WinX MediaTrans Review – 7 Features You Can Try to Replace iTunes on Windows

WinX MediaTrans Review, it is perhaps the best alternative for anyone who needs an iTunes alternative.

The fact that Apple is good when it comes to making sure that their hardware works well with their software is something that cannot be denied. However, if you have owned an Apple device in the past, and you had to copy the contents of your computer to your device, then I can imagine the nuisance you had to feel with iTunes.

Sure, iTunes is the software Apple suggests you use, but it is far from perfect. Users have reported several challenges regarding the iTunes. From the software being slow when synchronizing, to other bugs. Sure, Apple is going to iron them out eventually, but what if I tell you that there is a better alternative available?

There is an amazing software called WinX MediaTrans, it is perhaps the best alternative for anyone who needs an iTunes alternative. The software is a lot faster, and easier as compared to iTunes, and while it is paid, you are getting your money’s worth because there are some advanced features included as well.

You can download your free trial, this is to build trust among the users, and show them just how good the software is. Once that is done, you can proceed to the next section, and I will show you the treat this software is to use.

Download Free This iTunes Replacement (Trial)

The Process

Once you are done downloading and installing the MediaTrans, the process from that point and ahead is the simplest it can be. Upon launching the program, you will be granted to a self-explanatory screen. You will be asked to plug in your iPhone. If it is plugged in already, go ahead, unplug, and replug the device.

Once the software detects your phone, the process will then move on to the main screen.

Main Screen

The main screen is simply made, does not take up the entire screen of your device. There is also no way to go full screen. I did not mind that, as I am not a fan of programs that end up taking the entire screen once launched.

All the options that you can use are neatly arranged in a grid order, with the top portion showing you some details about the device that is connected. The software also shows you the remaining battery of your device on the top left corner of the window.


The features that are available in WinX MediaTrans are listed below.

  • Photo Transfer
  • Music Manager
  • Video
  • Flash Drive
  • DRM Removal
  • Ringtone maker
  • Built-in video converter

Photo Transfer

WinX MediaTrans offers you a nice, fleshed out photo transfer feature that the users can take full advantage of. Clicking the Photo Transfer button will take you to a new window where all the photos in your device will be found; these photos will be arranged by the name of their albums.

The feature is for people who want to transfer the photos from their phones to their computers. You can export the photos one by one, or you can do so by selecting the ones you want and leaving the ones you do not. The entire process is simple as it can get and only takes a couple of minutes.

Music Manager

If you are like me who absolutely despises the fact that iTunes will never let you export your music over to the computer, then you are going to be happy. Thanks to WinX MediaTrans, exporting your music from the phone to the computer has become so much easier.

Though the feature might not appeal to everyone, as I hardly know many people who have a lot of music stored on their devices, but if you are one of those who do, and you want to export it over to the computer, the software will let you do that with great ease, and no hurdles or complications.

The important thing to note here is that exporting is not the only feature you are given by music manager, the manager also allows you to edit the details of your music files right from within the software. You can also manage your playlists, and create new ones as well.

You can add new music to the playlist as well, and it will only take a matter of few seconds. The good thing about the software is that everything is self-explanatory. You will not need any tutorials or guides that will teach you how to do all of this.


Perhaps the simplest feature on WinX MediaTrans is the video feature. It does not let you do much, however, if you like to shoot many videos on your Apple device, and you prefer transferring them over to your computer, then you can benefit from this feature.

The feature allows you to export your video files from your Apple device to your computer. All the videos stored on your device are properly labeled within the accord of their folders, so you will not be getting confused looking for your files.

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Flash Drive

This is a pretty interesting feature introduced in the software, using this feature, you can turn your device into a flash drive. You will be able to carry files and folders onto your devices through this feature. Sadly, since the devices do not have a file management system, the only way to access these files on a different computer is through the WinX MediaTrans installed on the other computer as well.

Despite that shortcoming, this feature is one of my favorites, and definitely an amazing feature for people who have jailbroken their iPhones, because they can have a better advantage than people who do not have jailbroken iPhones.

Apart from features listed above MediaTrans let you remove DRM, make iPhone ringtones, Sync your music and other files without having iTunes installed, it has a built-in video converter, very easy user-interface that you will get used to in a matter of minutes, performance is very impressive even for those machines running low-end hardware and supports all iPhone iPad iPod models.

Why WinX MediaTrans is the Perfect iTunes Replacement

By default, Apple wants you to use iTunes; however, the good thing is that there are some decent alternatives to iTunes in the market. My favorite is the WinX MediaTrans, it is fast, simple to use, and it has a free trial that will help you make up your mind in case you need to.

Below are some of the reasons why I believe the software is the perfect alternative to iTunes.

The Interface is Super Clean

Apple might market itself as a brand who focuses on minimalism, but I cannot say the same about the interface on iTunes. For a newcomer, it is a nightmare. However, things are a lot different with MediaTrans; the interface is simple, clean, and intuitive.

Batch Import/Export

For those who have a lot of content stored on their computer that needs to shift onto the device, or vice-versa, the feature of batch import and export is a godsend. You can just select multiple files and transfer them over to your device, or transfer the files from your device to your computer.

The entire process is that simple, and should not take a lot of time either.

The Encoding is Seriously Fast

If you are transferring video files over to your device, you may need to encode them before you can actually play them on your device. Thankfully, the MediaTrans comes with a built-in encoder that will do the job for you. The good thing is that the encoder happens to be really fast, so you will not have to worry about getting slowed down.

You Can Use Your Device as a Flash Drive

The feature is probably going to be underutilized by many people, but if you know someone who uses MediaTrans, then you are in luck. Thanks to the software, you can turn your device into a flash drive, and carry files and folders with you as long as you are not running out of storage.

The only downside to the feature is that both computers must have the software installed. This is because the iOS ecosystem does not have any file management system installed.

Allows You Full Control Over Your Playlist

Our playlists are much more important to us than a lot of other things. While iTunes may not have a good system to manage and control the playlists, things are a bit different with the WinX MediaTrans. The software provides you a fleshed out control list on the playlists that you want.

You can create new playlists, you can edit the older ones, and you can even add more music to the existing playlists, not to forget, the deleting option is available as well. Anyone who likes specific playlists on their phone is going to love this feature.

Final Words on WinX MediaTrans Review

I was a bit skeptical when I decided to use this alternative, but I decided to give it a shot because iTunes was not just cutting it. Thankfully, WinX MediaTrans has saved me from many troubles and has become my go-to software for all the synchronization needs.

If you are still half-hearted regarding trying this software out, the free trial is there to help you out with it.

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In all honesty, if you were looking to replace iTunes, then you’ve come to the right place and if you want unlimited file transfers, we highly recommend that you pay for it.

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