The Best Design and Prototyping Tool – Wondershare Mockitt Review

After having a hands-on practice with designing UI/UX, I have gathered my conclusion, “it is not as easy as it seems.” It is a wholesome job, where a designer has to give attention to even the tiniest detail, or the whole design ends up being messy. However, this customer-centric task can be made easier if we have the right tool to do it. And, I am here to do exactly that, introduce you to a hot-in-market application “Wondershare Mockitt” tailored for designing and prototyping.

Who is Wondershare, Afterall?

You might now be aware of the Wondershare itself, but you can’t deny that you are not aware of the infamous video editing application “Filmora” Yes! Wondershare is responsible for all behind the scenes of Filmora and many other renowned applications such as Famisafe, Filmstock and much more!

After the successful launches of many productivity and creativity applications, Wondershare is ready to step into the “Designing and Prototyping” field and to be honest, I can totally see the hype! They are coming up with their brand new application named “Mockitt” that will allow us to make user-friendly UIs for every platform.

Wondershare Mockitt Review

With a slogan of scaling design thinking and encouraging designing as a team, Mockitt claims are quite strong. However, just to see how much truth these claims hold, we have tried and tested the Mockitt applications. And, the little disclaimer is, “We love it!”

Mockitt Features

Mockitt comes with a lot of fun stuff. This application is specifically designed for people who breathe UI UX designs and prototypes on a daily basis. This application comes with several features that competitors don’t offer, and we are here for all the good reasons.


You don’t need any technical knowledge to create a compelling design for your business or your client. All you need is Mockitt to design interactive prototypes with its easy and simple interface. Your client’s satisfaction and your next big design are just a few drag-and-drops away with Mockitt.

The Best Design and Prototyping Tool - Wondershare Mockitt Review 1


Along with simple features, add more oomph to your designs and prototypes with libraries. These libraries come with interesting assets and templates for creating perfect user-friendly UIs. You can either use Mockitt’s built-in libraries for assets and templates for faster prototyping or make your own libraries for adding customization to your designs.

The Best Design and Prototyping Tool - Wondershare Mockitt Review 2


Working in teams? No problem! Now design, share, and collaborate, all in real-time with Mockitt. Sometimes it takes two to perfect a design, and Mockitt understands that. Design on the same page with your team members and view the changes made without any hassle.


Efficient Presentation and Review

This has to be my favorite feature of Mockitt. The ultimate dealmaker or dealbreaker is how you end up presenting your designs. You might end up with unsatisfied customers even if your design and prototype are great, but your presentation lacks that wow factor. But, don’t worry when you have Mockitt.

It allows you to present with or without device borders, whatever fancies you and your client for better understanding. However, I like to present with the device shell as it gives more real-life experience. Also, if your client wants to have a hands-on experience with the design, you can share the design just through a QR code rather than handing them your device. For security and privacy purposes, this sharing can be access and password protected as well.

Get Feedback Online

With Mockitt, you don’t have to go back-and-forth to your boss’ office to get validation for every little change. You can just get feedbacks without having to pay the visit with Mockitt’s online feedback option. Anyone from your team or enterprise can comment on your work at any time!

Bad Connectivity? Go for Offline Demonstration

Trust me we, all have been subject to connectivity issues countless times in our life and embarrassed ourselves in front of a room full of people a couple of times too. But, Mockitt heard of our problems! It comes with an offline demonstration feature that allows demonstrating designs even when the connection is poor.

All you have to do is download the HTML Package (PNG or APK) with one click and experience the offline demonstration as smoothly as the online one. I mean, I must say that’s really thoughtful of Mockitt!

Mockitt InterfaceThe Best Design and Prototyping Tool - Wondershare Mockitt Review 3 The Best Design and Prototyping Tool - Wondershare Mockitt Review 4 The Best Design and Prototyping Tool - Wondershare Mockitt Review 5The Best Design and Prototyping Tool - Wondershare Mockitt Review 6

Final Verdict

Even with many competitors out in the market for designing UI/UX designs, I believe Wondershare Mockitt has something extra to offer. I have worked with pretty much all of the tools, and Mockitt has to be one of the best designing tools when it comes to presenting and demonstrating. It has to be its strongest territory!

Whether you are a newbie or you have a good hold at prototyping, I recommend you to go try this app. It has a lot to offer, and you can’t go wrong with it. For more information and tutorials, check out the Wondershare Mockitt blog page.

A Software Engineer, with the hands of a writer, and the mind of a lazy couch potato trying to make my take on the world worthwhile.


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