Wondershare PDFelement 8 Review – Best Alternative to Adobe Acrobat

Wondershare PDFelement 8 Review - Best Alternative to Adobe Acrobat 1

If you are looking for a good tool that can increase your productivity as far as documenting is concerned, and something that has all the features of Adobe Acrobat and more, then do not worry. You will find countless options that will help you achieve that. However, the one that we are looking at today is definitely revolutionizing how we are handling documents and looking at them today.

In case you have not guessed it, I am talking about Wondershare PDFelement 8, a robust document tool that is one of the best PDF editors available in the market, and most importantly, it serves as one of the best alternatives to Adobe Acrobat.

In this PDFelement review, we will discuss why this is a great Adobe Acrobat alternative and a full-featured PDF editor, but you do not have to pay a lot of money for it.

PDFelement 8 Features

For any software in the market, one of the most important factors is to have something that differentiates them from the other offerings in the market. With that out of the way, below are some of the ways that the PDFelement 8 is better than many solutions that are available in the market.

Create PDF Files

PDFelement lets you convert or scan to PDF a variety of file formats that you can view, with any PDF reader, on practically any device. You can create PDF directly from the scanners, with options to perform OCR or generate PDF/A files.

Wondershare PDFelement 8 Review - Best Alternative to Adobe Acrobat 2

Easily Edit PDF Files

If you are looking for a powerful PDF text editor, you can use PDFelement to edit PDF documents, including scans without going back to the source files.

Wondershare PDFelement 8 Review - Best Alternative to Adobe Acrobat 3

Quick Conversions

With PDFelement, you can quickly convert any PDF file to and from MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint without losing fonts and formatting. There are other software solutions that offer the same facility, but no other software does that with this much finesse.

Wondershare PDFelement 8 Review - Best Alternative to Adobe Acrobat 4

Comment, Review & Sign

PDFelement allows you to review and markup PDF files with their commenting tools. You can get the input or help participants to see and build on other reviewers’ comments.

comment pdf

Create Fillable PDF Forms

With PDFelement, you do not need to worry about creating PDF forms that are fillable. The process is simple and only takes a few minutes for you to complete. Click here for more details.

Wondershare PDFelement 8 Review - Best Alternative to Adobe Acrobat 5

Batch Processing

Another way how PDFelement is one of the best software for managing PDF files is that it is actually a lot better when it comes to batch processing of the files. With the PDFelement batch processing feature you can do bulk conversion of files, extraction of data, as well as OCR, and watermark features.

Wondershare PDFelement 8 Review - Best Alternative to Adobe Acrobat 6

Get Data from Scanned PDF

If you have scanned PDFs with you, and you want to export the data to a new PDF, you can easily do that using the software, and it will only take a couple of minutes.

You get two different modes that are “Searchable Text Image” and “Editable Text” when performing OCR. Most importantly, you can edit the document like you would in MS Word.

Wondershare PDFelement 8 Review - Best Alternative to Adobe Acrobat 7

Protect PDF documents

PDFelements are created with security options in mind too. You can set permissions and passwords for the PDF files to prevent them from printing, copying, and alteration. You can redact sensitive information and the best thing is you can add certified digital signatures to help recipients verify document integrity & authenticity.

Wondershare PDFelement 8 Review - Best Alternative to Adobe Acrobat 8

Other Notable Features

  • XFA-Based PDF Support – Open, read, and fill XFA-based PDF forms with ease.
  • Attachments in PDFs – Add any file attachments in PDF documents.
  • Enhanced Data Extraction – Extract information from any type of PDF file, including the non-scanned PDF document.
  • Edit Graphic-Based Objects – Advanced editing on graphic-based objects, like rotating, mirroring, cropping and etc.

What’s New In PDFelement 8

  • All-New UI & Interaction Design – More manageable workflow inside the new distinguishing UI and interaction design.
  • 300% Faster – Advanced the startup and document loading speed.
  • Cloud Storage Support – Multi-terminal collaboration by PDFelement cloud storage platform including electronic signature.
  • Better Data Extraction – Extract the desired information from any kind of PDF file, including non-scanned PDF documents.
  • Advanced OCR PDF Files – You can perform the OCR to make scanned PDF files searchable.
  • Batch PDFs Creation – PDFelement 8 allows you to batch create PDF files from different file formats at once.

Learn more new features via this link.

How to Use Wondershare PDFelement 8

Now that we have gone through all the important factors, the next thing that we have to check is how you can use PDFelement 8. Below, you will find a proper tutorial along with all the necessary screenshots that will guide you through the process of using the software.

Step 1: The first step would be to download and install the software from here.

Step 2: Once the software is downloaded, and installed. Simply go ahead and launch the software.

Step 3: Once the software launches, then you will be presented with the following screen. As you can see, everything is simple and to the point.

Wondershare PDFelement 8 Review - Best Alternative to Adobe Acrobat 2

Step 4: Simply choose the feature that you want to choose. In our case, we are going to click on Create PDF. Simply choose the file you want to open and double click it.

Wondershare PDFelement 8 Review - Best Alternative to Adobe Acrobat 10

Step 5: Once the file is open, you can start making the changes you want, and you can make all sorts of changes as per your requirements.

Wondershare PDFelement 8 Review - Best Alternative to Adobe Acrobat 11

Step 6: Once you are done making all the changes to the PDF file, you can go ahead and save it. This will save your document in the PDF file that you have just created.

That is all, folks! Following these few simple steps, you can actually make your own PDF files. However, that is not all, as PDFelement also allows you to edit PDF files, and all sorts of powerful features that are otherwise missing from some of the most well-renowned PDF readers, or editors available in the market.

This only makes the PDFelement 8 one of the best and most powerful PDF editing software solutions available in the market.

For more and easier to follow guides, click here.

Reasons You Should Use PDFelement 8

If you are looking for reasons to start using PDFelement 8 instead of Adobe Acrobat, there are quite a few that you can use in order to make your process a lot easier. The thing here is that Adobe Acrobat itself is a powerful tool that is great for PDF, but ever since Adobe decided to raise the prices of their products, a lot of people are moving towards alternatives.

Below, you will find a few reasons as to why you should start using PDFelement.


One of the biggest reasons why most people are using PDFelement over the other options available in the market is that it happens to be a cost-effective solution. However, that is not all; the software also serves as an all in one PDF editor with heaps of features that will allow you to create amazing PDF documents with ease.

Easy to Use

The best software is the one that you know how to use. With Adobe software or some other software solutions in the market, there are quite a lot of limitations or steep learning curve that can change the overall user experience and move it towards the negative. However, with PDFelement, you do not have to worry about any such situation as the software is extremely easy to use, and super convenient as well.

Great OCR Support

Another benefit or reason for using PDFelement is that it comes with improved OCR accuracy and table recognition, adapted with the virtual server. For those who do not know, OCR means optical character recognition, it is a feature that is used to scan a document as well as edit the scanned document. The best part is that the OCR capability currently supports up to 20 languages.

Amazing Customer Service

Another great thing about the PDFelement is that it is actually great when it comes to customer service. Now the reason why this is so important is that without good customer service, the software is not really worth it. Because if you do run into an issue, and if you want to have that issue solved, you will not be able to do so without good customer service in the place.

Version Comparison

Features PDFelement Std  PDFelement Pro
Read PDF
Create PDF
Edit PDF
Convert PDF
Annotate PDF
Secure and Sign PDF
Add Watermarks, Backgrounds, Headers, and Footers
Access to Hundreds of PDF Templates
Added Page Labeling
Automatic Form Recognition
Form Data Extraction
Bates Numbering
Batch Process PDF Files
File Size Optimization
Support PDF/A
Scanner to PDFs

For a detailed comparison, please click here.

PDFelement 8 Pricing

  • Individuals – PDFelement Pro: $79/year, PDFelement Standard: $69/year
  • Team – PDFelement Pro starts at $109/user/year, more details by clicking here.
  • Education– PDFelement Pro: $79.50 (Perpetual License), PDFelement Standard: $39.50 (Perpetual License)

Discounted Pricing (Perpetual License)

  • PDFelement Standard: $59 one-time fee
  • PDFelement Pro: $109 one-time

The discount can be availed by clicking here.


I have been a long time Adobe user, however, the Adobe Acrobat finally started showing signs of aging. Thankfully, this was the right time as the PDFelement 8 was available for me to test out. It is one of the best software for PDF editing available in the market, and the best part is that there is an exclusive offer to Twitgoo readers, you can actually grab the special discount.

Get PDFelement 8 Today With Special Discount

As far as the overall user experience is concerned, I do not think that I have used software that offers such an easy experience as far as PDF files are concerned. The software makes everything an absolute breeze to use, and if you are a professional who has a lot of work with PDF files, this software is certainly going to help you achieve that.

To be honest, I did not encounter any issues when using the software that would make me consider my review. Everything from editing existing PDF files, to creating new PDF documents using the Word files worked perfectly fine and without any issues.

Pros Cons
  • Excellent set of features.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Resource friendly.
  • Cost-effective.
  • None



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