How Legit are Cheap Software Keys from WorthWagon?

In this era, it is difficult to trust on websites especially dealing with making payment transactions.

The number of scams on the internet has risen enormously. According to Statista, 46,000 scams were reported in 2017 alone and the number should be doubled in the year 2018.

Digital products such as Software License key is among the common products involved in scamming. Websites lure potential customers into unbelievable discount and provide counterfeit or non-working product keys.

Recently, antivirus software on my computer was due to renewal, and I went on searching for a discount coupon. There I came across this website called WorthWagon. Pricing was competitive, actually way lower than that offered by the official website.

I didn’t trust in one go as it was too good to be true. However, after chatting with their customer support, resolving my queries and looking about their online reputation, I decided to carry on the purchase.

As PayPal was used for payment, I knew that my money was safe.

They are fairly new in the market so my skepticism was obvious and in today’s cyber age, one must be extra careful. This is applicable, especially when dealing with your money or your health.

Is WorthWagon Scam?

As soon as the transaction was successful, I received an email along with the license key and download information. Even though it was written in their FAQ, it might get delayed sometimes but it was instant in my case.

License keys purchase from Worthwagon is as good as the one purchased from the official site. Actually, they are the same products just bought through the reseller.

Once the activation is delivered, rest all the steps are carried out online through the app interface or official account. It is not easy to fool the manufacturer’s servers with their own product.

How come Pricing is so Cheap?

As far as I understand, Worthwagon procures products as a reseller from Manufacturer at bulk pricing. This is obviously lower than what it is for retail circles.

Also, they have professional researchers who look up online for the best discounts available for the specific product. They take advantage and do the hard lifting of finding the best deals to stock up on their web store.

End-user like you and me get benefitted by this pricing difference as Worthwagon passes it on keeping their profit. So, it is a win-win situation for everyone. In the end, you get a genuine product at the lowest price.

This is not the case with other sellers on the web. Most if the third party sellers provide blocked keys, discarded activation licenses or the ones meant for OEM only.

I confirmed the genuineness of the product purchased from the official website and it came out to be true. So, be assured that you won’t get any fake product there.

Do they offer support?

Being a reseller, their responsibility is to provide you working activation code which would entitle you for software subscription. So, they offer free support to ensure the product purchased is up and running on a system without any problems.

You can open up a support ticket with them asking your query about activation. It is their duty to ensure that the product is activated and offers everything promised in the description.

What about Technical issues?

They are not experts in troubleshooting technical issues but can answer general issues. Don’t forget that all customers of Worthwagon are entitled to support from the manufacturer. For example, if you are buying Bitdefender subscription from Worthwagon, you can call up or email Bitdefender too regarding your issue.

In short, you only get activation stuff from their site while download, technical issues, etc. are still handled by the manufacturer of the product.

Personally, I would recommend you to get the trial from the official website and then only buy the full version license key. This avoids any incompatibility or technical problems in the future. Moreover, you become sure about the working of the product and decide to be comfortable with the offerings.

What if License invalidates after few days?

Not just the 30 or 60 days period but you are covered for full license validity of the purchased subscription, as per their TOS.

This is not the case if you are buying through some seller on eBay. They aren’t answerable to your queries once the return window is closed by the marketplace.

Should you trust them?

I have shared my experience above and believe that it would be beneficial to make an informed decision. We are not affiliated with them and only wanted to share my experience. You can cross check the reviews submitted by their customers. It speaks for themselves.

Though a new website doesn’t fall short when it comes to trust and genuineness.

Checklist for Software Shopping

It doesn’t matter if you are buying from WorthWagon, eBay or any other third party reseller, there are few things you must keep in mind:

  1. Website Security – Ensure that the site has an SSL certificate which assures that the data transferred cannot be intercepted in between.
  2. Payment Security – PayPal should be trusted payment making solution in case of unknown websites because your money is safe. It doesn’t expose your credit card details to the vendor and you can ask for a refund in case of issues with the product.
  3. Use the Product ASAP – To avoid inconvenience at a later date, redeem the activation code given as soon as possible. This ensured that the product purchased is working and offers all the features promised in the description.
  4. Contact Manufacturer Website – Once you have procured and found that the product is working as expected, you can confirm once from the official manufacturer. Contact their customer support and ask about the key you purchased.
  5. Check Online Reviews – Even though some sites are new and carry the little number of user reviews, you should go through them by googling the brand name once. If the site has fair to good sentiment about the services offered you can go ahead with them.

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