Can a Writing Service Be Used as An Education Tool For Students?

When someone reads the title of this article, chances are it will elicit one of several kinds of responses. For some, professional writing services, especially those that offer to write essays and term papers, represent some huge negatives. Words like “cheating” and “plagiarism” come quickly to mind and they close themselves off to the idea completely.

Others see academic writing services as a way to beat the system. All college students take classes they don’t want to take but have to in order to satisfy the requirements of their major. For them, writing services represent being able to liberate more of their time and focus on academics they deem “important.”

Then, there are those students who just need help with the writing process. They are intimidated by the concept of communicating complex concepts in writing and need help to one degree or another. To those students, writing services represent confidence, better self-esteem, and peace of mind. The vast majority of students in this category don’t need or want their papers written from scratch but they do need help presenting their ideas in a more organized and articulate way.

Is It Ethical To Use A Writing Service?

Let’s start out by dealing with the elephant in the room: is working with a paper writing service ethical? There is no hard and fast answer to this question; students reach out to writing services for all kinds of reasons. Most of those reasons are completely ethical. They could just as easily work with a tutor or collaborate with other students or constantly check in with their professors for advice.

Whether the student approaches a professor or a writing service, reaching out for help with writing assignments makes writing the paper a collaborative effort. This is what services like EssayPro provide: collaborative assistance with concepts the student already understands but has trouble articulating in writing.

So what is it about this paper writing service that stands out? How do the services that EssayPro provides equate to being a help and not a hindrance to a good education? In what way does EssayPro and services like it provide the kind of collaborative tool that actually benefits the student? What does someone learn by working with a service that can literally write a paper for him (or her) from scratch?

Free Tools and Resources

One thing that makes EssayPro stand out among its competitors is its commitment to education. It is one of a rare few paper writing services that offers a comprehensive blog dedicated to academic writing. The goal of EssayPro is to help students get as much of the job done on their own as possible and provide free frontline help with all of the basics. The blog content covers the majority of key writing concepts from language usage to formatting a term paper and much more.

Students who utilize writing services have a spectrum of needs when it comes to helping with academic writing. This is where direct collaboration with professional writers comes into play. In many cases, students approach writing services with notes, very rough drafts, or outlines that need to be developed further. From there, they can get help on several key levels:

  • Proofreading – getting feedback and advice on a completed rough draft
  • Editing – Actively fixing problems with grammar, syntax, formatting, and more
  • Writing – Having a professional writer develop a paper from scratch

So how do these things equate to being education tools? Let’s look at each one in order.

Proofreading gives the student the advantage of a second perspective on the topic and how it is being presented. Novice writers make a number of common mistakes that a professional proofreader can spot and flag. At that point, is it up to the student to use this newfound knowledge to fix and adjust the information in and presentation of the paper independently. In the process, he or she learns how to avoid the same mistakes on future papers.

Editing provides a more visual interpretation of the same concepts taught through proofreading. The student can actually see the changes that were made and compare the changes to the information (and how it is presented) in the rough draft. This also educates him or her about the mistakes that were made in the rough draft and helps develop more proficiency in academic writing.

Even having a paper written from scratch can be a valuable education tool. As the student reads the finished draft, the concepts covered in the paper tend to become clearer, giving the student a deeper understanding of the subject in general. Having a clear visual example of a good paper also teaches the student how to format future papers to get better grades. In short, the goal of having a paper written should be to teach the student how to write a good paper and provide a template to follow for future assignments.

Formats and Styles

Different schools, departments, and professors have their own preferences and requirements when it comes to formatting academic papers. There are a number of different styles, but only a few that show up in most college or university classes.

Working with a writing service like EssayPro helps students learn all the different ways to present a paper. Most high school students learn the Turabian or Chicago style term paper format, but some colleges require papers to be written in MLA or other styles. In some cases, collaborating with a professional writing service can help students develop more of an understanding of these various styles than they would be working with a tutor or professor.

If the student only needs to learn how to do citations, the content available through EssayPro’s blog might be sufficient help in getting the paper finished. Some students, however, simply need more direct, personalized help. In those instances, those students learn how to be better writers through the process of collaboration with a seasoned professional. It is no different than approaching a professor. Make no mistake about it: both equate to paid help.

Gaining the Academic Advantage

If students approach writing services with the right attitudes, it is always about learning. Even the student who hires a writing service to liberate time for other classes is using the service as a learning tool. That student is doing what he or she must to ensure developing an understanding of other important and meaningful academic concepts.

In the same way, students who approach writing services to cover shortfalls in their own writing skills often learn enough through the process to get more (or all) of the next project done on their own. No matter what the motivation, nearly every student who uses a writing service does so with the intent to learn something. That being the case, the answer to the question in the title a resounding yes: writing services like EssayPro are definitely legitimate and powerful tools for learning.

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