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“We don’t love movies!” said no one ever. And, therefore, everyone is on the lookout for a means to watch movies and TV shows from the comfort of the couch. The easy solution to the problem is streaming websites. One such site is none other than YesMovies, the ever famous.

Now, what if I tell you that the YesMovies is not the safest option out there, besides it is illegal too? Well, don’t worry! There are tons of YesMovies alternatives to download free movies online available out there to serve the same purpose.

20+ Sites like YesMovies to Watch Latest Movies and TV Series ...

Legal Alternatives To YesMovies

Free Sites Like YesMovies (MUST USE ADBLOCKER)”

Movie Site NameWebsite URL
YIFY Movies
1337x Movies
Web Archive Movies
EMOL Movies
Public Domain Torrents
Premium Sites With Free Trials
  • Netflix: The globally famous, Netflix has three monthly subscription plans Basic ($8.99), Standard ($12.99), and Premium ($15.99). Also, you get a 30 day trial period before you actually decide whether you want it or not.
  • Hulu: Starting with only $5.99 per month, Hulu has some of the best content to serve you with. Hulu has following subscription plans to choose from Hulu ($5.99), Hulu No Ads ($11.99), Hulu + Live TV ($54.99), and Hulu No Ads + Live TV ($60.99). It comes with no hidden charges trial period for 30 days.
  • Disney Plus: If you are Marvel and Star Wars fan, Disney plus won’t be a new thing for you. The monthly subscription costs $6.99 but if you take an yearly subscription it costs $69.99. You get 7 days trial period as well.
  • Amazon Prime Video: The Netflix’s ultimate competitor, Amazon Prime Video has left all its dry patches has history now and made its come back banger with the new content. You can get Amazon Prime Video’s standalone subscription for $8.99 or you can get with the Prime in $12.99. It also has a trial period of 30 days.
  • Apple TV Plus: Now, Apple has stepped into streaming services as well. And, you must be expecting a hefty price as it is Apply but luckily it is just $4.99 per month. Also you get 7 days trial as well.
  • Hotstar: Hotstar is Disney+’s Indian streaming service that has content spread over 17 languages. Some content is absolutely free on Hotstor, however for the rest content you will be needing Hotstar Premium (299 rupees per month) or Hotstar VIP (399 Indian rupees per month).
  • HBO NOW: HBO has some legendary shows and movies of its own that you won’t be able to find on some other streaming service. Therefore, HBO came up with its own HBO NOW streaming service that costs $15.00 flat rate per month. If you want to try the HBO now, it comes with 7 days trial period so you make your mind.
  • CBS All Access: Owned by CBS Interactive, CBS All Access is an American based streaming service. Its starting plan costs $5.99 per month with limited commercials. However, for ad-free streaming it costs $11.99 per month after you are done with your 7 days trial.
  • ShowTime: Movies, TV shows, News, Sports, and Documentaries, name it and ShowTime streams it for you! ShowTime has only one subscription plan that costs $10.99 per month once 7 days trial period ends.

Safe & Legal Websites Like YesMovies

Since the YesMovies has been declared illegal and unsafe, many other streaming services are popping up. Some of them lead to spammy websites that do no good, while some of them are authentic and safe to use.

Here, we have jotted down the safe and legal sites like YesMovies, that feature a wide range of content:

Pluto TV

If you are not interested in buying subscription-based services such as Netflix or Hulu, then you might want to know about this absolutely free option “Pluto TV”. You can watch licensed TV channels, web-based content, on-demand channels, and streaming content as well, all that without costing you a penny.

All you have to do is download the app through PlayStore or AppStore. Though you will experience some 15-30 seconds ads in a row from time to time, it is totally worth it as it’s free.

Official Website

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is the best alternative to YesMovies with a large selection of movies and TV shows (almost 20,000!). You can enjoy the content for free, but you have to surf through some ads for that. It only requires a free sign up, and you are good to go!

The popular movies and TV shows available on Tubi TV include Duck Dynasty, Rango, Hell’s Kitchen, and much more. For now, it is only available in Canada, the United States, and Australia.

Official Website


Sony’s absolutely free streaming service Crackle has been the talk since the decade now. The two features that make Crackle absolutely lovable are the fact that it’s free and it is accessible on almost any device (phones, tablets, browsers and whatnot!).

It is not a requirement to sign up for Crackle in order to enjoy the free content. However, signing up comes with few perks, such as saving the progress of the movie or save to watch later. To be honest, the content on the Sony Crackle is not comparable to premium websites, but you get some ever-famous TV shows and movies such as Happy Endings, Point Break, and Stranger Than Fiction.

Official Website


Another free YesMovies replacement is PlexTV. It is an ad-supported streaming service that allows you to watch TV shows, movies, news, podcasts, broadcasts and much more. All you have to do is sign up for a free account (doesn’t require credit card credentials) to enjoy the service.

Some of the most popular movies that you can watch on PlexTV are Big Jake, The Matchbreaker, The Unseen and Black Eagle.

Official Website


Vudu is a Walmart owned streaming service; free and paid both. Recently Vudu came up with a feature called Movies on us, which allows the users to watch thousands of movies and TV titles for free and on-demand.

Since it is a free service, ads are a no brainer. However, Vudu has limited commercials only. Vudu has some geographical restrictions, though, it is only available in the United States and Mexico for now. But, let’s hope they expand it soon (fingers crossed!).

Official Website

Roku Channel

Roku Channel is just like YesMovies in various ways. After a free sign-up for the Roku account, you can have access to TV shows, movies, news, and sports for absolutely no cost. However, it is ad-supported.

But if you are thinking of getting some more perks out of this service, there is good news. You don’t have to pay for the whole service like all other streaming services. You can choose any favorite premium channel of your own and pay just for the channel.

Official Website


Since we are talking about free yet legal streaming services, we can’t forget PopcornFlix here, can we? It is a free ad-supported streaming service that has original as well as foreign content available. The sign up is completely optional, that is good news for people who don’t like sharing their personal information online.

When it comes to content, PopcornFlix has some interesting titles. This includes Zodiac, Silence, 21 Jump Street, Hell’s Kitchen, and Popeye. Also, they have some original content that is worth watching, such as The Lifeguard and Buffalo Girls.

Official Website


Many people compare Netflix and iFlix at the same type, obviously because of the similarities in the name. But, iFlix here is a free streaming service with a Netflix-like experience. It is available in many countries now including Malaysia, Bahrain, Pakistan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and others.

iFlix has worth watching content that includes new titles as well. Some of the movies and TV shows are as follows The Originals, The Gossip Girl, Sherlock Holmes and The Notebook. Also, there is kids content available as well, Frozen and The Incredibles are two of the favorites.

Official Website


Want a TV to be controlled just like a PC? FawesomeTV is here for you! Fawesome TV has a wide range of movies, TV shows, and channels that you can stream at no cost.

If you are an “old movies junkie”, the Fawesome TV will be your cup of tea. However, the content is interrupted by commercials (obviously!). Moreover, the TV channels are categorized as food, style, comedy, entertainment, education, and much more; just name it!

Official Website


We all know about YouTube since we started getting hold of the internet. Earlier, it used to be a website for music videos and how-to guides, but now you can stream movies and TV shows on YouTube. The content availability may vary according to the geographical location. 

Before watching the content of your choice, you need to sign-up with your usual YouTube account (through Gmail) and then select whether you want to buy or rent the movie or TV show of your choice. You can rent a movie for 30 days. However, once you hit the play button, you only have 48 hours to complete that movie. 

Official Website

YesMovies FAQs

Is YesMovies illegal?

Like almost all other streaming websites, YesMovies is also illegal as they don’t pay for the license of the movies. Many countries consider using such websites as unlawful, and you can be held liable if done so.

How to stop YesMovies ads?

There is no specific way to stop the ads entirely from the YesMovies website. However, you can use the adblocker to lessen the frequency and impact of the ads popping up.

How to download YesMovies?

YesMovies now also has an app for IOS and Android. As it is an illegal service, you won’t be able to find it on the Appstore or Play Store. Therefore, the only way to download the YesMovies app is to get it through APK (not recommended, though).

How to access YesMovies if blocked?

If you can’t access the YesMovies website, there is a probability that it is blocked in your region. Therefore, use any VPN or YesMovies Proxy in order to gain access from a server located in a different region.

Security and Privacy Concerns

If you have missed some pointers above regarding the illegal streaming, let me put it up here again. YesMovies and sites like YesMovies are unsafe as well as illegal. These streaming sites lead to ads that can further download some virus or malicious files on your computer without your consent or knowledge.

Moreover, such websites can also extract your personal information like credentials with fraudulent intent. These sites are termed as illegal to use under the law of the United States and many other countries as these websites don’t give any benefit to the makers. And, if accessed with precautions, you can be charged some fine.

If you are still head over heels on YesMovies and not interested in alternatives to YesMovies, don’t worry! Here are some tips that can save you from all security and privacy issues. You can use ad blockers to avoid any unnecessary ads popping up. Also, using a VPN will make you steer clear from the surveillance and hence no fines will be charged.

Final Words

Now that we have listed the Best YesMovies Alternatives, here comes the time to bid farewell. Leave us your feed in the comments below, or if we have missed any of your favorites do let us know about it too. We love to talk to you!

Apart from this, we covered sites like Putlocker and Solarmovie.


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