ZINGR – Local social app to connect nearby people

When was the last time you met your friends or talked to a stranger?  Covid-19 has closed night clubs, canceled most events, and now to meet new people and make new friends is much harder. Most people are staying at home  and Google: “Things to do while quarantined during coronavirus…

Local communities – discover nearby events, friends or meet new people nearby   

During the quarantine, the safest way to talk to people in local communities. This is a great way to stop the spread of coronavirus. People just communicate with their neighbors and share interest just with people nearby. That’s how the social app ZINGR works. The ZINGR app goes viral during the pandemic. Many users love to share thoughts, TikTok videos with people nearby, Instagram photos or just to talk or even to meet strangers nearby. During the Covid-19 most people are still searching for new friends and social apps can help to discover these people with the same interest. And as you already realized ZINGR is a great app to meet new friends with the same hobbies who are living nearby.

Are you planning a house party? If not, find and join a home party near you!

During the quarantine the younger people are still planning house parties, there are even some trending hashtags on social apps like #houseparty, #homeparty, and similar which people use to discover parties nearby. Of course, ZINGR app is a great way to discover some parties nearby, and this is no exception that people love to use Zingr, but during the lockdown, people should not meet many strangers. This is not safe to make a party during the quarantine. We should meet only our family, closest friends, or just some neighbors. ZINGR is a great app to discover strangers for meetings, but during the lockdown, we should stay home and spent more time with our family. 

What’s happening around you?

Covid-19 has closed nightclubs, canceled most events but there are still some positive things we can do. Have you many funny (#funny) photos when you were younger? Maybe you love to paint    

( #paint ), are you a photographer and would like to share some #naturephotos with people near you or around the world? Start spreading your content with people around you and if people love it, your content will go viral! Funny content, local news or your selfies.. share anything with people near you.

ZINGR is a great app to follow the most trending things near you and to be a part of your local community. 

‎People nearby app Zingr
‎People nearby app Zingr
  • ‎People nearby app Zingr Screenshot
  • ‎People nearby app Zingr Screenshot
  • ‎People nearby app Zingr Screenshot
  • ‎People nearby app Zingr Screenshot

“ZINGR – Your CITY in your pocket.” The CEO of social app ZINGR is Kęstutis Gedaitis and the social network can be downloaded from Apple or Google play store. 


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